Virtual Proctoring Is The Best Solution To Test The Talents Of The Candidate Remotely

The automated tests for technical hiring serve as a one-stop solution for multiple hiring needs. They make examinations a seamless experience. For the faculty who is rendering the examination, these tests help in saving time on the paper evaluation. They help them to receive instant feedback and help them to plan the curriculum. The tool also helps in managing question banks and to create tests effectively. It simplifies the entire process through digital registrations and payment solutions. With the help of these virtual proctoring tests, all the hassles of maintaining large centers in eliminated. It saves the candidates time to travel to test centers. They are tested on highly validated questions and are offered the best feedback with relevant benchmarks.

The online tools set an all-new platform for an entire generation of intelligent hiring. The tools correlate on the job performance and the assessment scores to enhance the quality of hires. The Automated tests for Technical hiring with its assessment and interview modules render a competency wise score for each candidate to influence the hiring decision of the recruiter. They also constantly improve the quality of the hires through strong analytics based on Artificial intelligence. The competencies of these automated tests are,

  • Single integrated system: It is possible to manage all aspects of the recruitment process from assessments to interview administration, to tracking applicants and rendering tests through a single integrated all in one system
  • Intuitive setup process: The setup process is intuitive and is unique for different job roles and different organizations. Organizations can custom define their assessment modules. The tool helps in finding the perfect hire with the flexibility to add required job roles and suitable competencies at ease.
  • Strong analytics: the strong analytics of these online tools enhance the quality of the hires across the different hiring cycles by correlating the test scores with the on-job performance.

One-stop solution for all the examination needs:

Recruiting the right talents for the job has long been a daunting task. But in recent times, it is possible to translate the recruitment process into a reach to use platform. There are a lot of online platforms that create and implement custom-defined tests to attract and recruit the best fit talents for the organization.

Making use of the software platform for online examination helps in a one-stop solution for all the examination needs. The tool can be conveniently used in the creation of entrance examinations, for creating surveys and quizzes to test the potentials and competencies of students, for conducting a midterm examination and also as an effective tool to screen students before pre-placement preparations. Most of all, the tool can be used for administering an examination to students who are enrolled in both campus learning and distance learning. There are several advantages of conducting an examination online and in an efficient and secure environment. These advantages are discussed here,

  1. Cheaper than traditional exams

Conducting examination online with the help of software applications are extremely affordable. This is because the examination question papers, and the responses are saved in the cloud. Thus, the data is stored forever in cloud-based solutions and can be retrieved whenever required. With the help of digital solutions, it is possible to eliminate the need for physical centers. The software solutions also offer an automatic grading process for the students based on their performance in the tests and thus reduce effective faculty hours significantly. With the help of remote handling of examination centers including proctoring, the need to travel to the examination center both by the parents and the teachers is eliminated.

  1. Credible examination results with prompt reporting:

The proctoring software platform for online examination is highly precise and the examination is of the highest quality. The tests would involve a variety of questions such as long answers, short answers, MCQs. Diagram type questions and fill in the blanks. The testing platform offers hands one experience for the students with the business simulation and the coding techniques. After the completion of the test, the software platform would analyze the performance of the students against the current and also the historical benchmarks. Apart from all these advantages, the software platform renders the differential grading system for different sections in the question paper and also for the different questions. Thus, it is possible to create high quality and customized examinations to meet the exact needs of the students and the examiners.

  1. Secure examination venue:

The examiners need not worry about the authenticity of the examinations as they all happen in the most secure cloud-based environment. It makes use of Artificial intelligence-based auto proctoring and sends auto alerts if any candidate is found performing any undesired actions in the examination center. The software tool records the entire examination session for audits. Other proctoring services rendered by the software-based examination platform are that It freezes the browser of the candidate who is found cheating in the examination. It disables the use of any software, desktop applications, and the internet during the examination session to eliminate any cheating intentions.

During the examination, it monitors the candidate remotely in real-time. Before the start of the examination, the tool authenticates the candidate through OTP and other identification cards to avoid impersonation. Student’s data is assessed thoroughly through their dashboard. The tool helps with an easily accessible set of questions to create unique exams every time

The examinations that are been conducted with the help of software tools are thus found to be more than 95% accurate. It helps in simulating the traditional classroom and examination hall but conducts exams in a real-time simulated environment.

Final words:

Conducting examination has always been a hassle, one has to curate the examination venue, gather the students, appoint an examiner, conduct the examination for hours together and also evaluate the answer sheets before announcing the results. Luckily, it is now possible to conduct examinations line with the help of software platforms.

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