3 Best FileBot Alternatives to Consider

All of us today have a huge collection of videos. Don’t you agree? While downloading the video is a daily activity for many, they face problems like finding the video after you’ve saved it in your drive. Even when you’ve saved it with a proper name, you sometimes find it difficult to find it in the mess. That’s why Filebots are used to organize your video files.

Filebot windows 7 is a popular application for organizing your audio and video files. It helps you in naming your media files, further making it easy to find them. Additionally, you can also download subtitles and cover art using Filebot.

FileBot Availability

It is available for both Mac and Windows. However, to use it, you will have to procure a Filebot license. The license is available at $6. You can even opt for a perpetual license at $48. Fortunately, you can use a single license on different computers.

If you are on this page and still reading we know you have been looking for Filebot and alternatives. IF you are looking for Filebot free, we have listed a few alternatives.

  1. MediaElch – Free

A popular filebot free alternative is the very own MediaElch. A media file organizer that works as a great alternative to Filebot. MediaElch is open-source software. However, it is a little difficult to make it work.  You would need another application called Kodi to make MediaElch work. Once you make this happen, we bet you will be impressed by the working of MediaElch. We tried it personally and were able to manage movie files, TV shows, and music files quite swiftly. We were able to import new files into MediaElch and it would rename the new files automatically.

OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  1. Advanced Renamer – Free

Next on our list is another filebot alternatives that impressed us totally. It works as an advanced version of FileBot. It offers various methods to select from to rename your file. It might take a few seconds to understand this. If you want to ass GPS data to image files, you can easily do so on Advanced Renamer. Wondering how? Let’s say you took a picture at a location. You can add the GPS coordinates from over 100,000 cities across the globe. This one may not be everyone’s choice, but to our surprise, it does a lot for a free app.

OS Compatibility: Windows Only

  1. Rename Master – Free

The next Filebot alternative lets you rename a bunch of media files together with a single click. Interestingly, to us, it looked quite basic with no fancy interface. It does its job quite well so you may not want to get into how it looks. It lets you select from a multitude of renaming instructions. Additionally, it gives you a preview option so you know how your file will look like.

Using these file organizers makes it easy to access your data however, it is important you take regular backup of data. Also it is important not to choose tools just because they are free it can harm or damage your files too. In any case of data loss scenarios immediately stop using the device and make use of a data recovery software to recover lost files.

OS Compatibility: Windows Only

Our Take

We hope one of these free filebot alternative works for you. Alternatively, there are more such alternatives to Filebot available including Media Companion, TheRenamer, TV Rename, Ember Media Manager, etc. All of these are available for free.

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