How to Fix the Tinder Issue of Something that Went Wrong?

Tinder oops something went wrong android – are you also getting stuck into this problem? Don’t you worry because we will help you with fixing. But for knowing about the solutions to fix this oops something went wrong tinder, you should read this article carefully till the end.

What is Tinder?

Tinder is a social media platform where two people meet online interact with one another and sometimes change their status of relaxation. This is one of the best applications when you can interact with people and make new friends. You have to swipe right for the profile you like and swipe left for the ones you have no interest. If both the users swipe right then this makes a perfect match.

But do know that from the past few days there was a problem logging into tinder please try again and always pop out with a message tinder oops something went wrong. Therefore, we can consider this as a something went wrong tinder issue. But don’t worry, have a look down below to know how to solve this bumble something went wrong Tinder issue. Let’s start:

  1. Network Connection-

Do you know? Sometimes the network connection may create a problem for you. So, always make sure that the network connection you are using is supporting the Tinder application properly. It must be able to authorize your Facebook login as well. So, properly check the connection but in case there is no error in your connection then you should jump on to the other solutions. Have a look to know about more tinder something went wrong try again later solutions.

  1. Avoid VPN on Tinder-

There is an option on Tinder Plus that helps you in changing your location from one to another unlike the free version of applications do. So, the reason for oops there was a problem logging into tinder issue may be that you are using VPN applications for switching down your current locations from one to the other. Therefore, because of not finding your proper location the application gets the issue or stops working. So, better turn your VPN off and then log in to your account. If you don’t use a VPN and are still getting this issue then you should go and use the next step for solving this tinder something went wrong please try again later android issue.

  1. Clear Tinder application data for Android users-

If you are constantly facing the pop-out error then you should consider cleaning the cache data of your Tinder application from the device. For this, you need to go to device settings, click on the management app or locate the app. After that locate Tinder and click on it, go to the app info and click on data clearance. Try this method out maybe something went wrong please try again later tinder issue of the tinder gets resolve, if still it does not gets resolved then you should move on to the other solution. Have a look to know about the other solution.

  1. Login to Tinder using Web Browser-

You can use tinder from the web also to solve tinder oops there was a problem logging in. Try login to Tinder account through Chrome, Safari, or some other browser. Enter the details and then link them to the tinder account. There are chances that the issue might get resolved. But if it does not gets resolved out then you should try contacting the Tinder customer care services. We are sure that they will help you out.

Therefore, the information about the tinder something went wrong issue gets completed here. To have more data regarding this tinder something went wrong please try again later issue, you can let us know

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