Learn How To Get Referrals For Free

Looking for free referrals? Hunting for simple ways to get free referrals? Worry not! Getting a free referral doesn’t always have to be puzzlement. Read this article to know how to get free referrals free and fast.

  1. GetRef

Create an account in GetRef and try to earn some credits. These credits will help you get referrals for free for your link. It is a very simple process from signing up to creating referrals.

  1. Blog or Website

If you know someone that has an active blog or website with good traffic, establish your referral link on their active posts to get free referrals. Did you know that marketers use their blogs/websites for affiliate marketing?

  1. Social Media sites

Social media is a place where every day has heavy traffic. Place your links on any social media sites, like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, to get free referrals fast.

  1. Microworkers

Microwokers site is where you can buy referrals fast. That’s right! In this site, you do some simple tasks called micro jobs, and you’ll earn some dollars, which you can spend to buy referrals, for free.

  1. Adhitz

This is quite a popular website, very similar to Google Adsense. Adhitz is an advertising site and you can easily use this for your advantage if you have a blog or website. Consider placing the links on your active posts, after earning 2$, you can place the link on this site for advertising and your campaign will start, you will start getting referrals.

  1. Article Submission Sites

Consider choosing a high-quality article submitting a website, as in, a website with high traffic. Here you can write articles about your referral links. In the article, write about the advantages or perks the site, the one you are promoting, offers. After that, add your referral links there.

A good article submitting website will have thousands of daily traffic and is one of the most creative ways to get free referrals. 

It is, however, important to note that spamming won’t be in your best interest.

  1. Commenting on blogs

Quite similar to article submitting websites, here you can choose a blog, which doesn’t have to be your own, and comment on their posts. Here, again, choosing a blog that has good traffic oftentimes is a good choice.

  1. Video Marketing

Video Marketing is one of the ways you can get referrals fast and free. Choose a video streaming/sharing platform, like, YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. These two are high traffic sites. Create good, creative videos based on the trend to ensure enough people watch your videos. Make sure it is someway appealing to your audience, either by helping them in some way or interesting. Add your referral links to your description of the video and let things work on its own.

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