In modern times of 2020, people strike very much with this question, if C and the current version of C++ languages are still relevant or not? If you are finding the answers to these such questions then you should definitely refer down to the article. As we have provided all the details regarding this topic, let’s start the discussion.

Are C++ versions not popular now?

According to research, it has been found that C and current C++ versions are the top 11 most popular technologies that are used by people. These are the languages that come under the programming, scripting, and markup languages category. Similarly, these are the type of languages having a very long-term history in a programming language. Furthermore, you will be shocked to hear that the C language has been there in the first two positions since 1985. Whereas the latest version of C++ is therein in the 5th position since then. So, this clarifies that C++ and C languages are still popular among people.

What is the main purpose of using C and C++ languages in today’s time?

Many of the C and latest C++ projects that are going on start decades ago. Let’s take an example, UNIX operating system in 1972 was rewritten in C language, oracle database was again written in 1983 into C. Similarly, like this development of the Linux kernel in 1991 to C language. Therefore, one of the most important purposes of C/C++ being used today is to maintain the decades-old code. And now there is no way to replace it down to another language. Hence, these are important purposes of C and C++ language and a reason why both of the languages are still there in use and popularity.

Is the newest version of C++ language becoming a legacy language like COBOL?

C and C++ are still powering the world of programming despite a number of new high-level programming languages. Some of the software applications written in C and C++ languages are Adobe, Google, Mozilla, Oracle. Likewise, most of the Microsoft software is developed using Visual newest C++ or simply C++. Apple OS X few parts are there that are written in C whereas Symbian Operating System is written in C++.

C++17 new features are very much dominant in the gaming industry also. And has been found that many of the most popular games are there in C and C++ latest version only.

Are most of the developers still using C++?

Many of the higher programming languages allow developers to be productive with C in many projects. However, there are so many reasons why most of the developers are still using C and C++ version. One of the common reasons is that these programming languages are having less visibility than those occupied by many others. C is very much portable and efficient language as it is very much close to machine language as possible. It also has a small run time and memory footprint. Hence, this is the reason why most of the developers tend to use C++ and C only.

What is the future of C++?

After research, it is very much easy to say that C++ 17 features and C are going to have the same popularity in the future also. This is because they are having high demand, good performance, reliability, and a wide variety of contexts that can be used. Hence, it is very much clear that both languages are having a bright future.

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