If you want the employees of your company to be all-rounders, then it’s important that you assess all the aspects of their personality. Yes, you will test their knowledge and work skills, but will you also test their logical reasoning? We know this has put you into some serious thought. Probably you didn’t consider it earlier. But if you want your employees to make sensible decisions at the workplace, then you will have to put their reasoning skills too to test. Here are some reasons why the reasoning skill of your employees is so important. Check out-

  • With logical thinking, your employees will be able to question existing modus operandi of your office and might find out ways to make your office operate in a more efficient way. Yes, it might feel like a little intrusion. And you might just not like someone else other than you decide on how your office should function. But if the person concerned has come up with a really amazing solution that can make your company grow, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t accept their suggestion. In fact, company owners keep looking for such able employees. But to rein in people with such amazing logical reasoning abilities, you must first put your candidates to test. Make them undergo a logical reasoning test and the results will probably surprise you. There are chances that the candidates who didn’t do well in the interview conducted for them will show really great logical reasoning abilities. And that is why experts say, interviews alone can’t select great employees for an office.
  • A person with great logical reasoning should also have great problem-solving skills. Now, this is something that will excite any employer. There is no bigger asset to a company than an employee that can solve all or most of its problems. But finding such a panacea in human disguise is extremely difficult. And interviews cannot, at all, help you in this regard. If you want to hire a great problem solver, then you will have to incorporate a logical reasoning test into your recruitment process. This is the only sure-shot way to that one employee your company needs for its speedy growth.
  • An employee with a great logical reasoning skill will also be able to understand their tasks better. Team leaders in a company spend a considerable amount of time making some team members understand the scope and requirements of a particular project. This is a great impediment that hinders the productivity of a team. And such members can never help a team complete a project in a smooth way. If you don’t want such laggards in your company then you should make it point to test the reasoning abilities of the candidates before they are hired.

Now, that you know why it’s important to hire employees with great logical reasoning skills, there is no reason why you should show any laxity in this regard. Make sure, a logical reasoning test is a permanent part of your recruitment process.