Want to know “How to get rid from better discord?”

Better is discord is a Mod version of uninstall better discord. If you are not getting it then you must think that it is very much similar to the GB WhatsApp. Yes, you are hearing that correct as like GB WhatsApp is the mod version of WhatsApp, better discord is the mod version of discord. Do you know? This version of uninstall better discord is very much wonderful because it is having so many features and plus points. And is also loved by a number of people out there in the world. But recently from the updates it has been found that better discord has been shut due to so many reasons popping out. However, there is still no need to worry because the company is out with Bandaged uninstall betterdiscord version

Bandaged better discord version is a new software develop by the company and is having unique and good features. This is a version having good plugins and is something that will help you out in customizing your website according to the choices of yours. So, if you are having interest you can use it out but if not then you can go and uninstall it as well. We are talking here about uninstall better discord because there are so many people who are having an interest in uninstalling better discord. If you are also interested then have a look at this article as we have discussed each and everything on how to uninstall better discord. Let’s start with the information on how to uninstall betterdiscord?

What are the reasons for uninstall betterdiscord?

There are numerous reasons that say uninstall better discord. Some people have claimed that this is software that creates crashing applications problems and many more. But now the question arises is it safe to use or harmful? According to the research, it has been claimed that using up better discord is very much safe. Yes, you are hearing that correct it is having so many features that the official discord application does not provide. But still, if you want to do better discord uninstall then proceed down by reading further information.

How to delete better discord? Or how to get rid of better discord?

Deleting down or uninstalling better discord is so very simple. If you are having an interest in knowing how to remove betterdiscord then let us tell you the steps in detail.

PROCEDURE 1: Go and install the official application of bandage better discord, so that it clears down the better discord life. Here is everything complete you have easily deleted the file according to your needs and choices.

PROCEDURE 2: The other way to uninstall better discord is here. Have a look to know all the steps.

  1. First of all, you will have to open %appdata%\discord\0.0.300\modules\discord_desktop_core.
  2. Now, go and delete app folder and index.js. Rename the files then.
  3.  After that restart. Check if it has deleted or not. If yes, then well and good but if not then you should move and proceed.

Hence, this is all that should be known by you. To know something more let us know through the comments area.

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