Ways that will Help you Remove Someone from Messenger

Are you finding ways to remove someone from Messenger? If yes, then you should start reading this article carefully because we have provided some of the ways for removing someone from Messenger. Let’s have a look to know things in detail about how do I remove people from messenger.

METHOD 1: The first option is that you should go and block the person from the Messenger application.

The first and most important thing that you can do to “how to remove someone from the messenger” is by blocking them out. To do this you can easily open the messenger application and tap the people icon in the middle bottom option. Now, you will have to tap the contact icon that is there located on top beside the avatar and has a plugin sign. You will now easily be able to see the contact list and then tap on the info icon next to the how to remove someone from Facebook messenger.

Now, go and tap the message button, and once the chat gets opened the tap on the info icon located at the top right corner. If you scroll down you will find the block option and that is the place from where you can easily block. Hence, this is the first method through which you can easily know how to remove people from messenger.

METHOD 2: How to block a person who is not on the contact list?

You can easily select the contact and then you delete people on messenger. On the next screen, you will have to notice the info option at the top of the screen. On tapping over the screen where you can select down the block option. Hence, this is how to delete people from messenger.

METHOD 3: How to unfriend contact from Messenger?

To do this you will have to first locate down the profile of the person whom you need to remove contact from messenger. After that, you can easily open Facebook Messenger and then go to the people screen. Now, you will have to tap down to the option of unfriend. And this is how you can easily remove someone from the Messenger application. Try this method out if you want to remove people from Facebook messenger.

METHOD 4: How to delete unknown contact from your list on Messenger?

If you are interested in remove people from messenger, then you need to look down at the information here. First of all, you need to open Messenger and then tap on contact icons located at bottom of the screen. Click on contact options then you need to search for particular contact you want to remove. After that, you will notice an “i” symbol beside every contact on the list. There is a place where you can know how to delete someone from messenger.

Therefore, these are the different methods through which you can easily know how to delete people on messenger.

Lastly, we would like to say that blocking down people from Messenger is one of the best options. Hence, to know more about how to delete people from messenger let us know through the comments below.

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