Home Based Nurses For Critical Care

With growing age, elders become weak and develop many health conditions. They become dependent on their family members. And if they go through any surgery during their elder years, it becomes even more difficult for them to survive on their own. With changing health conditions, critical care becomes vital for the elderly to maintain better health and lifestyle. If the elders have been through a surgery, you can also hire post-operative care for them. Over here, we will address the long term home care service and the benefits of post-operative care at home.

Long Term Home Care For Elderly

Long-term care at home provides a vast range of medical, personal, and social services necessary to suffice the corporeal, social, and emotional needs of those who have long-term illnesses or lives alone. Home nurse facilities may be the best choice for those who require 24-hour medical care and supervision or for patients who require post-operative care.

What responsibility do nursing homes take?

There are majorly two types of care provided by the nursing homes-

Basic care: It provides services that will help maintain an elders’ ability to perform essential daily tasks, such as personal care and meeting around. Here, they also ensure that the person is supervised and safe.

Critical care: This is the care that requires the services of a registered nurse for treatment and procedures regularly. Skilled care also includes services administered by uniquely trained professionals, such as physical, occupational, and respiratory therapists.

What services do home care nurses provide?

Home nurse services vary from facility to facility. The standard home-based caring services often include:

  • Nutrition and food care
  • Drug monitoring
  • Personal care such as dressing, bathing and toilet support
  • 24-hour emergency care
  • Social and recreational activities

Benefits of Post-Operative Care at Home

Post-operative care refers to the critical care that the elderly require after any severe medical treatment or surgery. Post-operative care helps the elders to maintain good health after their surgery. If given at home, post-operative care can help the elders heal quick. Here are the significant benefits of hiring professional nurses for post-operative care at home:

  • Better Care

Post-operative care at home provides better care to elderly patients in comparison to hospital based-care. When cared for in hospitals, they don’t get as personalized an approach as they get at home.

  • In-Home Assistance

After a certain age, elders find it difficult to perform their everyday task. And when they go through surgery, it becomes even more difficult for them to do the basic chores. But with in-home care, they get complete assistance in their everyday activities.

  • Recreational Activities at Home

It is always better to keep the patients engaged in some activities after their operation. It helps them shift their focus from their illness and pain. The home nurses arrange all the recreational activities at home for the elders, ensuring that they heal faster and better.

  • Quick Recovery

It is a confirmed point that people recover faster at home. So for a quick recovery of elderly patients, make sure to hire a trusted professional carer for them.

The Bottom Line

Have your elderly also been through painful surgery? Are you also looking for a better caring option for them at home? If yes, let us tell you that there are various post-operative care services available in Delhi-NCR, such as Emoha.

Emoha is a leading eldercare centre in Delhi-NCR that provides caring services at home. From health care services to assist in daily activities and from doctor visits to socialization, professionals at Emoha do it all for the elders. You can connect with Emoha at 1800-123-445555 or [email protected].



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