We all have heard about fleet management software. In an easy manner, we can say that fleet management software is managing and tracking the activities of the vehicles. This software has helped out thousands of organizations to make timely delivery of goods which increased operational efficiency and decreases the costs. Undoubtedly, fleet management software has reduced the costs as it saves a lot on unnecessary fuel consumption. Plus it saves time as GPS tracking system helps the fleet manager to know about the under-maintenance road or about the traffic jam.

Not only the routes but fleet managers get lots of information through this solution like fuel consumption, distance covered, speed of the vehicle, engine temperature etc. The best part of the fleet management software is that the fleet managers will be notified about the real-time alerts through phone or email. In case of any issue, they will instantly come to know about the problem. The fleet managers can even send help to the fleet drivers in case of emergency as they can locate the exact location through the GPS tracking. You can find a GPS tracking system in Kuwait and many other places. This is the best solution for every problem for fleet managers. The fleet managers can even create custom alarms according to their requirement and preferences. Under any suspicious activity, one will get to know about it through phone or email.

Following are some of the fleet activity alerts:

  • Speed- In case of over-speeding or under-speeding, the fleet manager will get an alarm and can give warning to the fleet driver. It is important for the fleet driver to maintain a constant speed to reach the delivery place on time. This software will help the manager to know the average speed covered by the driver per hour.
  • Vehicle idling- The software helps the fleet manager to know whether the engine is working or not. This will give an alarm to the fleet manager that the vehicle is standing idle more than the specified period of time.
  • Tracker unplugged- In case, the driver removes the GPS tracking system or it removes unintentionally, it will alert the managers to tell the driver to plug it back.
  • HOS violation- Hours of service means that the driver cannot drive more than the specified period of time. This rule is set to avoid the case of accidents. The fleet manager can remind the driver to take proper rest in-between driving to stay active and conscious while driving.
  • Location arrival and departure- It will notify the manager that the vehicle has reached its desired location and after unloading, the vehicle has departed. Through this, the fleet manager can maintain an estimate at what time the driver will reach back to its place.

So above are some of the fleet activity alerts. The list is very long and the manager can create custom alerts as well. This is a good way to know about every activity of the fleet driver. In Kuwait there are many developers for the same and the organizations can get car tracking device in Kuwait very easily and at good rates.