The penetration testing is considered to be one of the most important types of testing which the organisations can implement to enhance the overall security of the mobile applications and make sure that consumer information is safe and secure all the time. It is very feasible for the organisations to go with the option of experts in this particular field so that testing can be perfectly implemented and overall goals are efficiently achieved.

This particular type of testing can be termed as the practice of testing the computer systems, web applications and the networks so that security vulnerabilities can be found which the attackers could otherwise exploit. This particular type of testing can be highly automated with the help of software applications and can also be performed manually. The overall process of gathering information from the target is perfectly done with the help of this concept. The basic objective of penetration testing is to make sure that security weakness is identified and this particular testing can be utilised in confirming the overall security policy of the organisation to make sure that everything is in adherence to the compliance or not.

The organisations should go with the option of performing this particular type of testing regularly and it is highly advisable to go with the option of performing it once in a year so that consistent network security and management of IT-related things can be insured all the time. In addition to all of this conducting proper analysis and assessment is also very much important because of the following reasons:

 -In case the organisations goes with the option of adding the new networks or infrastructure

 -In case the organisations make some of the significant upgrades or modifications into the existing infrastructure of the application.

 -In case the organisation establishes a new office into the new location.

 – In case the organisation applies the security patches.

 -In case the organisation modifies the end-user policies very well.

 Hence, the penetration testing is not considered to be one size that will fit all which is the main reason organisations must consider several kinds of factors for example size of the company, type of testing, regulations, compliance and the infrastructure of the company so that overall goals can be easily achieved and applications can be made highly safe and secure all the time.

 Following are some of the benefits of implementing the concept of penetration testing in the world of applications:

 -It will help in revealing the exact vulnerabilities: With the help of penetration testing the organisations will be able to explore the existing weaknesses into the system so that application configuration can be perfectly done. It is also directly associated with the habits of the staff that could lead to data breaches and the malicious infiltration which has to be researched during the penetration test. The report will always inform about the security vulnerabilities to know what kind of hardware and software improvements have to be implemented by the companies so that overall security is very well improved.

 -This concept is very much successful in showing the real risk to the organisation: The penetration testing is considered to be the best possible way of exploiting the identified vulnerabilities which means that whenever the attacker could do in the real world which has been identified with this particular concept. The hackers can have access to the sensitive data and execution of the operating system commands and this concept will also inform about the vulnerability that is theoretically high in terms of risk. Only the specialist should go with the option of performing the testing and analysis with this particular concept so that overall goals are efficiently achieved.

 -It is very important to test the cyber defence capability: For the organisations, it is very important to detect the attacks and respond adequately on time. Once the intrusion has been detected the organisations should begin with starting the investigations and discovering the intruders as well as blocking them. Whenever there will be anything malicious or effectiveness will be doubtful then a comprehensive strategy must be implemented so that feedback of the test can be gained side-by-side and improvements can be incorporated wherever required. Ultimately each of the action will be very much successful in improving the overall defence of theorganisation.

 -There will be business continuity all the time: In case any of the organisation is interested to make sure that business operations are run up perfectly and there is complete network availability along with 24 x 7 access to resources the organisations must implement this particular concept because it will always make sure that potential threats are revealed and operations never suffer from the unexpected downtown will always be insured. In this particular aspect, the penetration test should be able to conduct the business continuity audit all the time.

 -It will always provide a third party opinion: With the help of this particular concept the organisations will also have the third party opinions that will provide the people with the competence of idea about what are the things they need to change or implement. The report from the third-party experts will have a bigger impact over the whole thing in terms of management and can make sure that the allocation of the funds is perfectly done in the organisation.

 -The whole concept is based upon following the certifications and regulations: With the implementation of this particular concept the industry and legal compliance will be ensured all the time because a certain level of penetration testing will be dictated. The ISO standards and PCI regulations will be followed very well throughout the process that will ensure that each of the manager and system owner can conduct the penetration testing perfectly along with proper security reviews because everything will be based upon real-life consequences all the time.

Hence, in case the organisations conduct the penetration testing in the best possible manner regarding above-mentioned factors and points then they will always make sure that all the customers of the applications are highly loyal to words the organisation because of the confidence element present in their minds towards the company.