Quick Guide to Prepare for NTSE Exam

The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a prestigious exam that is conducted by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). The exam takes place every year to discover talented students who want to pursue higher education in Science and Social Studies streams. The exam has a two-stage process:

  • State-level examination, which is the Stage I.
  • National-level examination is the Stage II

To qualify for Stage-II, being a student, you need to secure 40% (General/OBC category) and 32% (SC/ST/Physically challenged) correspondingly each in MAT and SAT in Stage-I exam.

Quick Preparation Tips

Following are some quick tips that you should follow to prepare for your NTSE exam.

Understand the syllabus

Being a candidate, you need to understand the syllabus well and mark all the crucial topics. By going through the NTSE Syllabus, you would get a complete insight into all the subjects and topics from where the questions can be expected and are set in the examination. The point is if you are not acquainted with the syllabus of the test, you cannot prepare in a proper manner. What is the point if you start your preparation and you work on different topics but you do not even know about the syllabus?

Follow a Schedule

A schedule or time table is the most crucial pre-requisite for the preparation for the exam. Chalk out a full schedule of the syllabus, separate the units and mark all the important topics that need to be covered well in time.

If you have joined a course for NTSE on a professional platform like Mypat, you can be sure that you include it in your schedule. You can manage your studying schedule accordingly. You can divide your preparation as per your course and the time you get for self-study. In this way, when you have a proper and effective schedule of preparation, you can be sure that you do not miss out on anything important.

Moreover, when you have an established schedule, you can be sure that you do not miss out on your preparation hours. Of course, when you have a schedule, you follow it and never miss a day of prepare. But if you prepare for NTSE without any schedule, you may end up missing out so many days or hours of preparation.

Practice Sample Papers

It is crucial again that being a candidate, you practice from previous years’ question papers, sample papers, and you take mock tests regularly to know the general pattern of the test. The point is simple, when you take these practice tests you get the following perks:

  • You get to know about where you lack and which are the subjects that you are good at.
  • You get to know about the types of topics that have repeatedly been set in the exam.
  • You develop your stamina of solving o many kinds of questions that too at a stretch.
  • You become more confident about your preparation and performance. And once you are confident, you become good at your prep and performance.
  • You will come across the types of topics that you may not even encountered during your prep. Of course, since the practice tests or mock tests will have all sorts of questions to solve, you will be sure that you do not miss out on any topic or area of syllabus.
  • You get reality about where you have reached on your preparation journey.

The point is, the more you solve the practice tests, the better you can Annalise your NTSE preparation.

Revision is an excellent tool

As most of the syllabus in the NTSE exam is from 9th and 10th standard, you should go through the NCERT books and revise all the topics thoroughly. Of course, not just the books that you studied earlier in your schooling, but also revise the topics and concepts that you studied a few weeks ago.

The point is simple, you need to be thoughtful about what you are clear about and where you have doubts. If you do not revise your topics and concepts, you may end up with confusion and doubts in your mind. Hence, there is no point of studying and reading so many topics and concepts when you are not ready to revise them all, or at least the important ones before your test.

If you have never tried out the magic of revision, do it night. The more you revise after weeks, the better you will embrace it. There is no point of simply keeping the content I your mind. You need to be sure about the clarity of all the topics.

Manage Your time Sensibly

Monitoring your time while solving sample papers would help you in managing the time well and finish the exam before the timer runs out.  The thing is simple, when you prepare for the test, you can be sure that you schedule a timer test for yourself every week. In this way, you will get to improve your timing of solving questions. What is the point if you know all the questions but you lack the time to solve them? So, practice and work on your questions during your preparation.

Discuss with experts

It does not matter if you have joined a course or not, if you have any issues with your preparation of NTSE exam, you should discuss it with experts. After all, experts are in the field for so many years.  You will not just get the clarity about your doubts but also be sure that you prepare in the right manner.  Moreover, the assistance of professionals during preparation of a crucial test is a big thing. Make sure that you do not miss out on it.


To sum up, make sure that you choose the tips that suit you the most and invest in them for your preparation for NTSE exam. Once you know what you are preparing and how, you can be sure that you do not lack at anything. The discussed NTSE tips ensure that you do well in your exam.

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