Some PDF files might contain important data and information that need lifelong safekeeping. It could be certificates of birth and death, property ownership titles, and even academic and medical records. Besides that, some business people also have valuable company-related PDF files that they need to keep for years for documentation and future retrieval and use.

However, PDF files tend to change the design and layout after many years of storing them in your device. The best thing to do to avoid these file changes in the future is to convert PDF to PDF/A. The next thing you need then is to have a reliable file converter to process it for you, and GogoPDF has one on its website that you can use for entirely free. Hence, to learn more about GogoPDF, check the full details below about how this platform converts your PDF files to PDF/A format for long-term file storage.

Convert PDF to PDF/A Quickly

The quick file conversion of GogoPDF from PDF to PDFA will surely help you maximize your time dealing with so many PDFs you have in your device’s file storage. The process won’t take long. In fact, you’ll only need to spare a few minutes of your time so you can finish this file task in no time.

To start the file conversion, you have to get your PDF files uploaded on the GogoPDF website, where you can access its file conversion tool. Then, the system will begin the quick procedure by scanning every single PDF page and cautiously transform them into PDF/A format in the shortest time possible.

When you can see that the tool has successfully converted your PDF files, you can then save them on your smartphone or computer. After that, your PDF files are now ready to be stored for long-term safekeeping. Hence, you don’t need to worry about any changes in your files after many years because the format will keep everything the same.

Tool Accessibility Benefits

It’ll be for your comfort and convenience when you access an online tool and encounter no accessibility difficulties. Other electronic file users have various unsatisfying experiences when using other tool providers in converting their files. However, when you use the GogoPDF platform, you’ll never have any of these experiences.

In fact, there’s no need to have any extended computer software installed or even have any apps downloaded on your device before using the file converter of GogoPDF. The system is compatible with either a laptop or desktop. You will also have trouble-free access to its online tool when you’re using Mac, Linux, or Windows.

Additionally, when visiting the website of GogoPDF, you have various choices. You can access it through Internet Explorer, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, and many other safe web browsers. Also, when you’re on the website, navigating it will never be a problem. It’s because GogoPDF has the most user-friendly web layout, design, and entire interface.

Therefore, for those people who have used the file conversion tool of GogoPDF and have visited the website for the first time, they have never encountered any technical difficulties. The web and tool navigation went smooth and easy. Hence, if you haven’t tried using this platform before, you’ll surely have the same fantastic experience as theirs if you try it now.

Secures File Uploads

One of the common concerns that most electronic file users have in using an online tool is its capability to make their uploads safe. It’s because some PDF files might have sensitive and confidential content that they want to limit access and use of information. If you have this type of PDF files, you may have the same concern as well.

You might have second thoughts about uploading your PDF files on the online tool of GogoPDF. That’s understandable, especially when you’ve heard so many stories from different PDF users who have files that have been accessed and used by other people without their knowledge. It’s surely something that you don’t want to happen to your PDF files.

In line with this, GogoPDF has made this platform successful in accomplishing all your file conversion tasks and responding to your concern as well. When you upload your PDF files on the file converter of GogoPDF, the system will transform them into PDF/A right away. Within a few minutes, you can go ahead and download the PDF/A copy of your files in your device’s storage.

After one hour, GogoPDF will altogether remove all PDF files you’ve uploaded on its website permanently. This way, no one can ever try to track your files and access them without your authorization. Hence, using the GogoPDF platform is truly safe for your PDF files.


If you have important PDF files on your computer or smartphone and plan to keep them for many years, don’t forget to convert them to PDF/A format. Thus, your files’ quality will be preserved, and everything stays the same even if you open them after 20 to 50 years. Hence, when you need this type of file conversion in the future, the online tool of GogoPDf is always available on its website that you can access and use anytime.