Tag Heuer Carrera Watch Collection and Features

Influenced by professional motorcycle racing, TAG Heuer Carrera first established in 1963. Which concept was built in appreciation of the prestigious car race of Carrera Panamericana. The modern sport watches also integrated all these designs and features, attracting skilled and semi motorists.

This watch is 100 meters water-resistant, profoundly friction resistant, and long-lasting. These several attributes are necessary for a race as vicious as its Carrera Panamericana that influenced most such products. Whereas other Carrera timepieces have a retro exterior, they’re very much about advanced features within it. Others also reinforce that materialism exterior.

Carrera Calibre 16 Automatic Chronograph

What’s cooler than a fashion watch? It’s a composite bundle of design, elegance, and quality? The Tag Heuer Carrera CV201AJ.BA0715 or Calibre 16 Automatic Chronograph is a stunning wristwatch with innovative elements that are becoming your status symbol. It includes a high profile black dial with three subs showing Sixty seconds, thirty minutes, and Twelve hours.

The date can be seen at 3 o’clock, which has silver color markings and arms for improved usability. The dial is equipped with a 41 millimeters stainless steel casing and a brushed black alloy circle, and even a tachymeter rounded edges. The stylish mixture of a dark dial and even a silver brace would strongly affect every look and become the right fit for all seasonal attire for all events.

Calibre 5 Automatic Black Dial For Men

A wristwatch built to attain elegance, the Tag Heuer Carrera has become a stunning watch truly crafted for honorable gentlemen. Skillfully made with such a defined curved screen and a resistance to scratch the sapphire stone, the date can be seen at 3 o’clock, creating the dial gorgeously stylish, excellently perfect, and pleasingly straight.

Waterproof at 100 meters, this perfect creation is fitted with its 38-hour battery pack, rendering the Tag Heuer incredibly friendly to users.

Carrera 16 Day-Date For Women

TAG Heuer is recognized for its appealing luxury watches. Such timepieces express a feeling of superiority, and they appear to be somewhat cost-effective. These luxury products have somehow attracted younger generations and have also achieved a place in one’s minds. This timepiece has a 41 millimeters black dial, steel case, silver-toned hands, and even a stable rear.

Carrera Automatic Black Dial for Men

The WAR2A11.FC6337 is indeed a stylish wrist watch by TAG Heuer. This arises with such a 43 millimeters casing. This wristwatch includes the date which can be seen at 3 o’clock direction. At the rear through this device, an image of the great man Muhammad Ali has decorated with the engraving “Tribute to Muhammad Ali.” These are packed with a sapphire crystal that can resist scratching and an anti-reflective top coat from both edges.

Carrera Calibre Heuer 01 For Men

Caliber HEUER 01 of its TAG Heuer group is an excellent looking timepiece with a solid black figure and a classic black dial and a thick rubber bracelet. The rubber belt is very comfy and could be taken to wearing every day. The device’s dial also has a size of 43 millimeters, furthermore guaranteeing that the timepiece brings a powerful vibe to someone’s life-size character.

Carrera Calibre Heuer 01 Grey Dial For Men

Built of a gray metal cuff and a titanium dial, the said piece mesmerizes the mind, the spirit, and the eyes—the CAR208Z.BF0719 of TAG Heuer shines in silver serenity while traces of crimson within the dial attract focus to the middle. The dark dial core serves to improve the hue of its arrows, pins, and marks.

Carrera Calibre 01 Skeleton Dial for Men

If you appreciate anything really abstract, so take the deal to CAR2A1K.BA0703 Carrera Skeleton Automatic of TAG Heuer’s. The whole production’s color and layout make it look much more sophisticated and fascinating than what it really is. The blue, silver, and red dial, including three internal dials and then a tachymeter bezel, leaves you throughout admiration.

Carrera Calibre 02 Skeleton Dial for Men

Adding rose gold brings charisma to nearly anything else. This is no exception for Tag Heuer. The natural rose gold and black mix provide a beautifully polished steel rear, which brings PVD coatings. Not just this, but even the rose gold studded index overlooks a skeleton, and its 43 millimeters size renders the situation more noticeable.


These extraordinary timepieces have a timeless and modern style. Influenced by the challenging Carrera Panamericana car match, this fashionable watch series applies to the traveling public any more than it does to experienced drivers.

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