Top Best Jailbreak Tweaks that People Should Know for Uncover (with repos)

Every one of us knows that checkra1n and unc0ver iOS jailbreak is out now. A complete guide has been available on the internet for the people. On how to install checkra1n jailbreak and unc0ver jailbreak. Jailbreak is installed just for getting Cydia tweaks with some of the additional features. This is because all the additional features are not available on the main Apple App Store. So, by keeping all these things in mind we are here with an article for the audience on top cydia applications. Through this article, we are going to tell you about the best jailbreak tweaks for uncover. Have a look to gain lots and lots of information.

Perfect Settings: Perfect tweaks is one of the top best tweaks for ios 13.5 that is related to the section of settings. This is going to give you a few options, if you are familiar with the shuffle tweak then definitely this one is going to look quite familiar to you. However, it is going to have different kinds of toggle sections but you will easily be able to handle it down. The best part is that when you will scroll down, you are going to have storage available on the general tab and things like better health on the battery.

Hence, this is the best cydia tweaks that you can try. Go, check this best jailbreak tweaks and let us know your opinions on this today only.

PMP: The next one best jailbreak tweaks ios 13.5 that is there on our list is PMP. This is one of the best jailbreaks that you can use because it is going to help you in hiding the pictures of yourself, if interested in best ios 13.5 jailbreak tweaks. If you are giving your phone to a friend or family member and don’t want any snooping, just turn this on in your settings, and important pictures of you will be hidden. Hence, this is the top cyndia apps that you can try today only, if interested.

StatusWeatherLite for Ios 13.5: Another one of the best top cydia aps that can be used by people is here. This is the tweak that goes onto your control, through this you will be able to see actual weather conditions. At the top that too on the corner so that it gives you your temperature. Apart from this, you can see a little image of current conditions. So, just go and try this ios 13.5 tweaks out if interested.

DockBeGone: The next tweak for cydia hat comes into the talk is this one. It is again the best tweak that one can use. If you are trying to get a setup new tweak where you can have more widgets and stuff on your home screen. Then this is perfect that you can use. Therefore, keep in mind that you probably want to remove some of the icons from the dock and need to keep them on the home screen before you enable them. Go try the best 13.5 tweaks today only and let us know.

Shortmoji: The last one cydia best tweaks that you should know about is this shortmoji. This is the tweak that you must be familiar with as it is based on bar emoji tweak. If you will go onto the keyboard then you are going to see a normal kind of bar emojis. But if you go onto the tweak then you are going to see lots more. Just go and try shortmoji, if interested.

Hence, this is all that you should know about best ios 13.5 tweaks. To have more information regarding best tweaks for ios 13.5 let us know through the comments.

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