How to Become Best Seller onOnline Platform like Bigbasket& 1mg?

Just like Amazon in the US, Bigbasket is a large and well-known ecommerce platform in India. Bigbasket is one of the top online grocery stores in India. The ecommerce supermarket like BIgbasketsupplies variety of regular needs products, that contains fresh fruits and vegetables, daily products, best-quality food grains and pulses, and lots of other branded items.

Just like Amazon, Alibaba, and other top ecommerce sites, Bigbasket allows other individuals to display and sell their products on the platform. That is, Bigbasket has a lot of sellers and you too can become a seller on Bigbasket.A large number of sellers on Bigbasketgive rise to a huge competition on the platform and any seller who wants to make more sales and profit on the platform must develop a better sales strategy. This is necessary not only for grocery website, its also useful for any online platform like 1 mg that is medicine selling platform. 1mg is major source of medicine data including title, brand, manufacturer, MRP, primary use, compositions, images and more. Its highly used for medicine in India. Generally, all online such medicine platforms collect data from 1mg using medicine information scraping for gathering medicine data.

In this line, this article presents some ways through which you can become a best seller on any online platform and improves your sales. Simply follow the step and in no time, you would be reaching more customers, making more sales, and turning in more profits. Let’s get started.

Use Relevant Keywords in Your Title

It is very important to take note of the keywords you use in your title. To make your product(s) appear to buyers when they search for related products, you must include keywords that relate to your product in your product title.

To get this done, search for similar products you intend to sell on Bigbasket and see how the titles were written, you can tweak this to get the best-optimized title for yourself. You can also use keyword tools forresearching keywords and phrases that people might search for under to find your products.

Choose the Right Category for Your Products to Become a Bigbasket Bestseller

Placing your product(s) in the right category allows buyers to search for your product easily. Imagine placing your fresh fruit product under the cereal category – that’s too odd as no prospective buyer would expect to see fresh fruit together with cereal products.

To get started, ask yourself this question, “If I were looking for my product, what categories would I look under?” Then list all the categories you think your product might fit into so you can hit the bestseller list. Bigbasket allows you to choose about two categories, ensure that you take full advantage of this.

The next step is to do a little research of the top 10of similar products sold on Bigbasket and check out in which category they were placed. Categorize your product likewise.

Price Your Product Rightly

Always remember that many other sellers are selling the same products as yours and buyers will always drift towards the product with a competitive price. No buyer will go for an overpriced product, not even when there are so many alternatives to choose from. For that keep watch on varying price of products at competitor sell. Use technology like Bigbasket product scraping for price comparison. Change in pricing is depend on many factors like season, stock available in market, quality of product, demand of customer etc. Monitor all this in market and make your strategy to earn more.

However, that doesn’t mean your product should be overly cheap, you may end up running at a loss.

Write a Good Product Description

Bigbasket gives sellers a limit of about 3000 words to write their product description. Use this opportunity to tell prospective customers more about your product and don’t forget to include the relevant keyword you used in the product title.

Use as many words as necessary to describe your product in a compelling way. Try as much as possible to avoid repetitions and vague words. More so, be concise and not too wordy.

This is your supposed product’s “sales page.” So, light up your copywriting skill when you write your product description.

Get Positive Reviews

Get as many positive reviews as possible for your product and get them as quickly as possible. Your positive reviews will definitely help to attract prospective buyers to your product, turning you into a bestseller on Bigbasket.

While it is wrong topay for reviews, you can ask you previous buyers to drop positive product reviews for your product as reviews must be genuine and come from the heart of your happy buyer. 

Promote Your Product

The last step to becoming a best seller on Bigbasket is to promote your product(s) on other websites. You can go about this by taking the following steps:

  1.         Display your product(s)on your blog.
  2.       Write blog posts or guest posts related to your product and also showcase your product.
  3.             Put a link to your product on Big basket in your post content.
  4.       Open an account or page on social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc., where you can promote your book. Find your product related groups and share in to them to get explore. Don’t forget to periodically gather social media data for sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis will help you to know what people are saying about your product online and adjust accordingly.

In conclusion, these strategies listed above are proven to be very effective. Several Bigbasket sellers have used these strategies and they all testified of an increase in sales and profit – the strategies are working if followed effectively. You too can try these strategies today to become a bestseller on Bigbasket. For effective results once look inside about your competitor, how they manage their product, how they make title, description, pricing strategy, how they promote their products. So,collect competitor’s data and analyze them to become success seller.



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