What Type Of Bed Should You Sleep On?

Having a good bed isn’t just a matter of design aesthetic but is also a very important factor in being able to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Bed design also affects our posture, so people with back and neck pain should also be very careful. In simple terms, all beds aren’t for everyone. This article aims to tell you about the types of beds available and to whom they are suited.

Twin Bed/Single Bed:

This is the most basic and conventionally smallest bed available. It is ideal for only one person to sleep in a limited space, or for children who aren’t too tall. For adults and families, the twin bed is not recommended. Two-tiered bunk bed designs are also available to hold multiple kids.

Double Bed:

Also known as a full-sized bed, it is 85 by 54 inches in dimensions. It is larger than the twin bed and can easily accommodate a single adult. This is a great budget option for single residents who only need a bed for themselves. The double bed is gaining popularity in the demographic of college students and working-class professionals who stay alone and don’t have families.

Queen Bed:

Coming in at 80 by 60 inches in shape, the Queen bed is often the most popular bed size for all demographics. It can comfortably hold two adults or multiple large children. The appeal of the Queen bed is that it has almost become a standard not just for family beds but also for singles who want a larger bed space than a double bed. This standardization has also made Queen Beds the go-to option for hotels as they can save space without compromising on people’s capacity.

King Bed:

At 84 by 72 inches, the King bed lives up to its name of being fit for a king to sleep in. These beds are for people who want a lot of space while sleeping and often are very expensive beds because of their size. With growing income, even King beds are gaining more popularity in families and luxury hotels. Surely, if you want a bed any larger, you will have to get it custom-made.

Orthopedic Bed:

These are special beds that are made to be fit for use by patients suffering from orthopedic or bone and muscle-related issues. These beds are usually stiffer and come with memory foam that adapts to the curvature of the body. These beds aren’t the most comfortable for most people but are very helpful in the recovery of the elderly, the injured, and the diseased.

Sofa cum Bed:

A very unique feature of the sofa cum bed is that it can doubly function as a sofa which can be transformed into a bed whenever needed. This is most useful for single stayers who don’t want to spend too much on a permanent bed. Cum beds are cheap, take very little space, and are easily transported.

With this understanding of bed sizes, we hope that you can see which size fits your needs the best!

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