CCNP Certification:

If you’re operating toward your CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) you’re in all probability following one in all the subsequent certifications:

CCNP Routing and switch

CCNP Collaboration

CCNP Wireless

CCNP knowledge Centre

CCNP Service supplier


Let’s take CCNP Routing and switch as an example. You meet the stipulations by having the CCNA Routing and switching certification. You begin trying into the CCNP and the way to arrange for the exams. There are 3 exams you’re needed to take: 301-101 Route, 300-115 Switch, and 300-320 Arch.

Generally, higher than example would be a typical path. However, not all CCNPs need 3 exams — some may truly need a lot of so as to become certified. Regardless of the case, with this system, you’re just about given an immediate path to follow. As an example, if you’ve already earned your CCNA knowledge Centre foregone conclusion, CCNP knowledge Centre is that the next logical step.

CCNP Changes:

On Feb. 24, 2020, the CCNP needs can amendment quite a bit. Here are the certificates that you’ll see offered beginning next year:

CCNP Enterprise

CCNP knowledge Centre

CCNP Security

CCNP Service supplier

CCNP Collaboration

Cisco Certified Dev Net skilled

You’ll notice many changes. The primary major one being that the list not includes CCNP Routing and switch CCNP Wireless, or CCDP. If you have got one in all these CCNPs, otherwise you area unit operating toward finishing them, they’ll be integrated into CCNP Enterprise below the new CCNP certification program. If you’re curious about coming up with for the CCNP before Feb twenty-four, you’ll be able to use the CCNP Migration Tools to assist you.

Another major amendment with the new program is, in spite of that CCNP you select, you’ll solely be needed to complete 2 exams. This transformation makes it abundant easier to stay track of your activity and arrange your studies.

The removal of all formal stipulations is another fascinating amendment Cisco is implementing. This suggests you’ll jump into a CCNP whenever you wish. Though, you’ll in all probability still wish to figure your high to the CCNP by earning a CCNA and a smattering of specialties. However, it’s not needed. If you have already got CCNA-level expertise and wish to travel straight to a professional-level foregone conclusion, this is often nice news.

To better justify, let’s practice another example for the new CCNP. We’ll use CCNP Enterprise during this case. You’re needed to require your core communication and so a level communication. The concentration exams specialize in specific topics that may comprise the CCNP Enterprise umbrella. The core communication covers a bit a little bit of everything during this space.

Are You presently engaged on the CCNP?

What if you’re within the middle of your CCNP and you’re wondering awaiting the changes to travel into effect? You shouldn’t. In fact, you must shoot to urge certified before the changes Gregorian calendar month. 24, 2020. If you’ve already begun the work, don’t block. There’s lots of time for you to school assignment and sit for these exams.

The certifications aren’t exploited, you only won’t be able to follow these programs moving forward. What this suggests for you is that if you complete the program before the amendment, you’re CCNP-certified. Your existing certification can carry over, and you’ll get credit for a brand new foregone conclusion.

Cisco Certified Specialist

With CCNA establishing a baseline of data and also the CCNP going in specialization, there’s a reasonably huge gap between the 2 certifications. That’s wherever the Cisco Certified Specialist comes in. These certifications can offer you a badge which will permit you to show your skills therein space. Also, in all probability a lot of significantly, it’ll offer you the required expertise to make toward your CCNP from the CCNA.


Looking concisely at the CCNA, the removal of specializing during this certification ought to encourage individuals to travel through the program whereas meeting this market demands. The CCNP conjointly accomplishes one thing similar by providing focus and direction at the purpose it’s most required. It makes the trail you would like to follow easier to trace for those within the future which will be trying to find their CCNP. Which may even be followed all the thanks to your CCIE if you select to try to therefore.