Rob cheng wiki is one of the best people and is having more than 30 years of experience in IT computer industry. He is the one who established PC Pitstop in 1999, Rob was the SVP of Gateway Computer driving deal. And he is the one who showcases support all around the world. Rob cheng started working in Texas Instruments for sales, marketing, and support in America.

Rob Cheng is having a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Cornell University in the USA and an MBA from the University of Texas. If you are interested in knowing everything about Rob cheng wife, then read this article by the end.

Rob Cheng Early Life and pc matic ceo

Cheng was born in New York, at the age of 2 he and his parents move to Washington DC. His father was an analyst and his mother was a software engineer. He experienced his childhood in Bowie, Maryland, and then moved to Bowie Senior High School. He did great at his high school. Rob cheng pc matic was awesome in Mathematics and performe well during his graduation as well.

After completing graduation, Rob cheng got an internship with Xerox and this was going to be his first experience. Apart from this, he worked for Federal Government for one summer but he left the job for his own satisfaction.

Worked at Texas Instruments for Experience

After Rob cheng family left his job at Texas Instruments, he joined the profession of Material requirements planning things. The job was very good for him as it was international as well as the job enable him to deal with all their international auxiliaries. Rob Cheng was managing everything so very properly. Ergo, learned how to manage workers and deal with international customers.

Probing further, now he decided to learn the MBA program from the University of Texas because he left is for one semester. After learning many things, pc matic founder got a promotion at the company. In between all this, Rob meets a person in South Dakota, named Ted Waitt. Ted had an organization that was selling into the reseller’s exchange for TI PC’s.

Worked with Gateway Computers

Rob cheng family and Ted became good friends and something exceptional happened. He decided to become companions with individuals in Dallas. A great deal of custom programming was compose by Ted and Rob Cheng. Then Rob Cheng and Ted started their own company Gateway Computers and it worked incredibly.

Boss helped in Company Setting

Robert cheng pc matic left Gateway Computers and one of the business owners also left the company. Rick Synder is the name of the owner and he is the one who began a funding firm. Cheng helped him to deal with a number of organizations.

PC Pitstop Revenue

The revenue generated by PC Pitstop in 2018 is around $16.3 Million. The company was having no debt and is expecting around 15% to 20% development this year.

Hence, this is all that people should learn about pc matic Wikipedia. To learn anything else about pc matic rob cheng let us know by comments.