6 Best Assistants of Modern Students

It’s not a secret to anyone that modern students want to make studies easier, and college years more fun. And it’s hard to blame them. Today, more and more students seek professional help online and don’t face any difficulties when requesting it urgently. Whether you need to write an urgent paper or submit the last minute essay, just make several clicks online and academic writers will provide instant help. Getting quick help with an overnight essay is as easy as 1,2,3. These days, students can forget about all the worries as they have access to so many opportunities thanks to modern technology. Use fast essay writing service and helpful gadgets to make studies easier and more effective. Wonder what these gadgets are? Check the selection of gadgets that can really be useful when studying at school and college.

Smart Google Home

Which student does not like to listen to music? A smart speaker from Google is not just music, but full integration with all search engine services. Despite its small dimensions, the device impresses with a loud and high-quality sound, and it connects via WIFI to any device that is equipped with a Bluetooth module. However, the main advantage of the device is that you can ask questions, and it will select the best answers from the search results and answer them out loud.

Smartwatches and Fitness Bracelets

Fitness bracelets help us monitor our lifestyle, adjust it; they make it clear that it is time to take a walk. Agree that it’s especially important for students who spend hours studying textbooks. Devices such as smartwatches allow you to quickly answer messages and calls, manage music, open simple applications and watch the time without touching the smartphone. Electronics manufacturer Fitbit has created a device that combines all the functions of a fitness bracelet and a smartwatch, and such a device is quite inexpensive.

Kensington Notebook Lock

The most valuable thing every student has is his/her notebook as a lot of information is stored there. It’s horrible even to imagine what may happen if you leave it somewhere in the public place and someone will get access to it. The notebook lock will help to protect your device from theft and the loss of important data.

Google Chromecast

How often do we want to watch videos, photos and other content from a smartphone on a big screen? Buying a smart TV is expensive, and transferring information from one medium to another is long and inconvenient. Google’s low-cost Chromecast is the perfect solution. The miniature device connects to the mobile device via Bluetooth, and to the monitor or TV via the HDMI connector. Everything that is displayed on the screen of a smartphone or tablet is duplicated on a large display. It’s very useful for watching presentations and lecture materials that contain graphics, tables, etc.


Studying is important but you should do this without sacrificing your health. Almost every student suffers from backache because of sitting in the wrong position at lecturers.

Today, it’s easy to forget about such problems using a great invention – the Lumoback belt designed with the aim to correct your posture. It won’t allow you to sit in the wrong position. Every time you hold your back wrong, the device will tell you to change position so that you don’t harm your spine. It isn’t the only function it has. Besides the constant control of your posture, it will give you such useful information as the distance you travel daily. So, getting the Lumoback belt, you’ll get 2 in 1: a belt + a fitness tracker. Staying healthy is easy with the Lumoback that displays everything on your mobile. Use a special app whenever you want to see how your spine looks at the moment.


Evernote application is another practically irreplaceable student assistant. The program, which is based on cloud technology, allows you to not only take notes and store all the important files in one place but also share them with friends. Evernote has two functions that are especially popular among students: the ability to photograph and save pages from books and textbooks for later reading, as well as the “Share” function, using which you can share useful notes with your fellow students, giving them access to individual elements of your repository.

Just try and you’ll see that your life will change for the better!

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