Important things you need to know about TTY mode turn off on Smartphone

What is tty mode on cell phones? Or what is tty mode??

TTY telephone benefits are very much important and beneficial for individuals having hard of hearing and hearing disabilities. This is the feature that is displayed in all the new and current cell phones. You can easily turn it on and off as per your comfort and choices. If you are a person having problems with hearing then you can leave it on, but if not then you should definitely turn tty off.

To know about the enabling and disabling of this TTY feature on your smartphone, you should read this article carefully. Because we have provided all the necessary information regarding this android tty mode on your smartphones.

How can a person enable and disable the tty android mode?

tty mode phone is something that is very much useful for people in difficult times. For example, when people are not able to hear or are having any disabilities with the ear can use this mode. You can easily empower the capacity of your hearing by enabling this tty mode on android. Most of the time, you will discover that this is the feature that is available under the General Settings. But if it is not present there, then you should go and out your Call Settings, you will definitely find it out there.

Yes, tty mode full is there on every smartphone but it is off for the time being. If you are interested in using this feature, then you should enable it by following a few steps. The steps to be follow for enabling the feature are mention down, have a look.

Enable TTY mode on your smartphones

  1. Open the main screen on your device and then tap on the dialer icon. Now, tap on the three dots that you can see on the screen.
  2. After tapping a box will appear in front of you. You should go and click on the Settings option. Under the settings, tap on to call settings.
  3. Now, you need to tap on the tty settings.
  4. You have enabled the feature and you can easily enjoy it now.

But always remember that when the what is tty setting is on you will not be able to get or do any video calls. For influencing a video call, you need to debilitate it under the call settings. In case you are not interested in using the TTY feature on your devices then you can know how to turn off tty. But for disabling also you need to follow a few steps. Have a look to know the steps for tty mode turn off.

Disable TTY mode on your smartphones

  1. For disabling the mode, you need to take all means and under the cancel settings, you need to tap on TTY.
  2. Here is the quick way for disable tty on your smartphone: Tap Dialer Icon> Three Dots> Settings> Call Settings> turn off tty.

Lastly, we just want to say that follow the steps properly for what is tty mode mean and turn TTY mode on and off, as per your choices. However, to clear queries regarding what is tty mode on your phone throw a comment.

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