5 Simple SEO Techniques Every Business Should Know

Are you trying to get more customers for your business? Struggling with traditional forms of marketing? If so, then it’s the right time to hire a search engine optimization service provider company because they have Better Expertise and strategies that will help your business website rank for various keywords faster in SERPs. But when choosing them, ensure that they are in a position to deliver excellent results and meet your business goals and expectations.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the process of getting a website to rank for given keywords on search engines. It’s beneficial in that it can expose a website to hundreds and even thousands of new customers on a monthly basis.

Interested in pursuing SEO for your business? Whether you choose to get the help of an SEO Company, or to take matters into your own hands, here are 6 simple SEO techniques every business should know.

  1. Write Guest Posts for Other Websites

Backlinks are key to any good SEO campaign. These are links from other websites that lead to your website. They show search engines that your website has authority and credibility, and that it’s worth ranking above other websites in its niche.

There are a variety of ways to get backlinks. However, the most surefire way of getting a backlink is to write a guest post for another website. This way, you can just drop a link to your website within the content yourself; you don’t have to worry about anyone else link to you.

The key here is to find websites that are related to your niche but which don’t exist within it. So, let’s say you run an auto body shop. You might consider writing a guest post for an auto body parts manufacturer.

Search engines will notice the connection between the two websites, and so will see the link as being legitimate. This will provide you with more clout than if you had just gotten a link from a random, unrelated website.

How do you secure guest post opportunities? Start networking. Simply email websites and ask them if they would be interested in a guest post.

Not all websites will be interested. Some might charge you a fee in order for you to write a guest post. But a few will allow you to write a guest free of charge; those are the ones to look out for.

  1. Open and Manage a Google My Business Profile

When it comes to local SEO strategy (that’s ranking for localized keywords as opposed to globalized ones), there’s nothing more important than Google My Business. Google My Business is the platform that lists business information on the top of search pages. If you can rank here, you’ll receive tons of exposure on a regular basis.

Now, how do you rank here? Well, first of all, you need to open a Google My Business profile.

This is as simple as searching for Google My Business and filling out the requisite information. Then, you’ll have to verify your address. Once you’ve done that, your profile will be live on Google.

At that point, you just need to stay active on the platform. Post pictures, post statuses, answer customer reviews, and show that you’re involved. Google will take notice and eventually reward you with a higher ranking.

  1. Create SEO-optimized Content 

A huge key to creating long-term SEO success is creating SEO-optimized content. This is content that contains keywords relevant to your niche or industry. The content shows to search engines that your website is active, and also makes it eligible to rank for additional keywords.

Let’s say you own an HVAC company. If so, you could create content with a keyword like “air conditioner repair” or “furnace installation tips.” Doing so would enable your website to rank for such keywords, giving you a chance at even greater online exposure.

The key is to post written content at least twice a month. This will, your website will remain relevant with Google and all other search engines.

If you need help creating blog content, we advise that you turn to an SEO agency. This Chicago SEO company serves as a good example.

  1. Obtain Local Citations

If you’re trying to rank on a local level (and many service-based businesses are), you need to obtain local citations. These are online mentions of your business information, generally including the name of your business, your business phone number, and your business address.

The easiest local citations to get are for online business directories. These include sites like Yellow Pages and Yelp. However, you should also be working to get citations in newspaper articles, blog posts, and other online publications.

To get your information on listings, just fill out the necessary information. To get your information in other forms of online media, you’re going to have to get your name out there, either by networking or by marketing your business.

Generally speaking, the more citations you can get, the better your ranking will be. Note, though, that the quality of the citation makes a difference as well (for instance, having your plumbing business listed on a hairdresser listing site isn’t going to help you much).

  1. Optimize Your Website

The way in which your website functions can have a large effect on your SEO as well. Not only do you want your website to load quickly but you also want it to be easy to navigate. There are several things you can do to help make these things happen.

For max page speed, try to minimize the size of your images, minify your code, and cache your data. You should also make sure that you’re using good hosting.

For optimal navigation, make sure that your primary navigation menu is easy to find. Use buttons and links throughout your pages as well. This way, the user won’t have to try as hard to get from page to page.

Put These SEO Techniques to Work!

Pursuing SEO for your business can be hugely beneficial, providing you with a steady stream of customers now and in the future. So, put these SEO techniques to work and see what kind of results you can get. It could be a complete gamechanger.

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