Stream UEFA EURO 2021 Live

Counting down the days until June 11 when the postponed EURO games start to take place? You aren’t alone. While this year’s games look a little different due to the COVID-19, there will still be plenty of amazing footwork to watch. With the right setup, you can stream every game from wherever you happen to be.

Get Ready for EURO 2021

In an effort to make EURO 2021 pandemic-friendly, games are being hosted in 12 different locations. This can make things a little challenging, but with some upfront prep work, you can still catch all your favorite teams and can’t-miss games, no matter where they’re being hosted.

To get started streaming UEFA EURO online, download a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN can be installed on networks as well as individual devices and creates a secure internet connection, encrypting sensitive data as it travels through your device and boosting your cybersecurity. Most importantly, a VPN will allow you to select the server your device is using instead of just routing you to one that’s close by.

Select a server that’s from the region your game is being hosted in and you won’t be subjected to regional restrictions. Logging in to stream the next big game will be just as easy as if you were in the hosting town — even if you’re thousands of miles away.

Prepare in Advance

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your devices set up for the big events. Watching from your smartTV at home? Streaming in the car as you wait for an appointment on your tablet or phone? Check to make sure every app you plan to use is running smoothly so you aren’t faced with unnecessary frustration or disappointment.

You’ll need to know where you can find coverage of your games as well. There are both free and paid-for platforms offering EURO 2021 coverage. Free options may give you access to the game without expanded content, special interviews, or post-game analysis. If you want to go all-in on EURO 2021, you may want to opt for a paid platform.

Already a subscriber to a streaming service? Many big-name streaming services will be providing coverage of the games including Hulu, YouTube TV, and ESPN. Check with your subscription service to see if your membership covers access or if there’s an upgrade option available to stream the tournament.

Enjoy the Games!

Once your VPN is installed and your apps are up to date, there’s only one thing left to do — kick back and cheer on your favorite team. EURO 2021 might be the best tournament yet, and while watching the games in person might be tricky for most of us, we can still create private stadiums at home.

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