5 Engaging Elements to Use in Your Videos

Engaging with people is all about answering their ‘why’. Why should they be watching your online video? Why will this help them? Moreover, if you can share just how passionate you are about your brand and offering, when you make videos for free, then you’ll stand out from the competition. People will build rapport with you, even if it’s just through a screen, because they believe in you. Once you know your message, you can easily create this effect with an online video editor. Explore various features to see how each template can be customized to generate the right mood and impact when you create videos. 

5 Engaging Elements to Include with your Online Video Editor 

One of the most sought after emotions is happiness. We all crave it and yet we’re not really sure what it means or even how we’ll feel once we get it. You can use this to your advantage when you make a video. You do this by showing how your brand brings that feeling of happiness everyone dreams of. Simply make sure you work these elements into your video editor: 

1- Create a Hook 

A hook or a trigger is any event in a video that inspires a certain emotion in your viewers. Search through the templates of any video maker and you’ll find lots of options of happiness clips. If you can then include a wow factor into your free video, the chances are that people are going to stick around and keep watching. 

2- Generate Curiosity 

An online video editor allows you to easily include your own content. That way you can showcase your product. You should also include in your video clips how it’s going to solve your viewers’ problems or add value to their lives. Make them curious about your brand or entertain them with a story when you create videos. You’ll then increase your following on Facebook because people will want to share your video. 

3- Inspire with Emotions

Love them or hate them, emotions are part of our human experience. These days social media has created a trend such that we tend to pick brands a bit like we choose friends. We expect brands to mirror our values. Visuals and images used in video creation are the perfect way to represent values and to inspire people to want to be involved with your brand. Not only do we process images more easily but they help us dream and visualize things more easily. It’s therefore more likely that people can imagine your product in their lives after watching your online video. 

4- Combine Music and Text

When you create videos, make sure that they work with the sound both on and off. Facebook settings now automatically play all videos on silent unless you change the volume. Moreover, any video editor also allows you easily to include subtitles and text as well as music. In fact, they offer a wide range of audio clips for you to upload. Although, you can also add in your own music if you prefer when you do your video editing. 

5- Ask a Question 

Questions are a powerful tool. When someone asks you a question, you can’t help but pause and think, even if only for a millisecond, can you? In that moment, you have the opportunity to grab your audience’s attention with your online video. Asking questions puts your audience in control and suddenly your online video is specifically designed for them and them alone. Through that pause of self-reflection, you can even make them feel that your product and video online were made uniquely for them. Have a look at the templates in your online video editor and find the ones that seem to talk to you. Those are probably the ones that are the most impactful for your viewers and that you’ll want to work with on your editing software.

Parting Thoughts on Engaging your Audience with an Online Video Editor 

To engage with people on a deeper level, you need to understand how they think. In that first video, you have the opportunity to place yourself in a position of authority. So, once you have their curiosity, they then believe that they need your product. Include some emotions through features when you edit videos and show how your values match theirs and they’re likely to also share your online video throughout their social media platforms. You’ll then get the crowd effect where people tend to go where others also are. Now you have your organic growth.

Furthermore, you can do all this with your easy to use video editor thanks to all their templates and features that are designed for an emotional hook. Therefore, don’t overthink your video but just be personal and human so that people want to trust you. At the end of the day, be passionate and be yourself and let the video editors do the rest. 

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