Over 90% of consumers won’t trust a brand because of bad web design. In fact, nearly 90% won’t return to a website after a bad experience, either.

Do you know why consumers are struggling to use your website and engage with your content? Using session replay technology can help. You can gather the information you need to better understand the user’s online experience.

Then, you can adjust your website to ensure it offers consumers the ease and convenience they need. Improving the user experience can help you generate more leads and sales. That’s only the start.

What is session replay, exactly? How can using session replay tools benefit your bottom line? Keep reading to find out!

After reading this guide, you can gather the tools you need to improve your website with your customers in mind. Read on to learn more.

What is Session Replay?

First, let’s answer the question that’s probably on your mind: what is session replay, exactly?

Using a session replay app can help you visualize a customer’s journey while they’re on your site. In fact, the tools replicate an individual’s unique journey. You won’t have to make assumptions about how people interact with your site anymore.

Instead, you can visualize their experience.

Watching a session relay can help you pinpoint specific issues the user experiences on your site. For example, you might notice a design flaw that’s causing users to leave your website frustrated. If people leave your website without clicking around, your bounce rate could rise.

A high bounce rate can hurt your search engine optimization strategy. It can also impact your conversion rate and ROI.

Instead, you can update your website and improve the user’s online experience.

Session replay tools are also called user replay, session recordings, and session playbacks.

How Does It Work?

What is a session replay tool good for, exactly? Session replay tools can help by recording the user’s movements. You can watch them click, scroll, and tap.

You can even track their keystrokes.

When using session replay technology, it helps to track mobile and desktop interactions. You might notice your bounce rate is higher on mobile devices. In that case, you might need to improve your mobile optimization.

Your session replay tools can help you determine where people are struggling on your website. Watching how people behave on your website can help you understand their frustrations. For example, you can track:

  • What page elements they click on
  • How far they scroll down a page
  • Where and how their cursor moves
  • What keystrokes they complete while on a page
  • How long they view a page

You can combine your Google Analytics and session replay data to better understand the user experience. Then, you can pinpoint flaws and start making changes to your site.

You can gain a better understanding of how session replay tools work here.

Why It Matters

Why does using session replay technology matter?

Only 55% of companies complete user experience testing. Without testing, you’ll make assumptions when updating your website. The changes you make could frustrate users, rather than improve their online experience.

Without session replay tools, you’ll have to use guesswork when updating your website. Unfortunately, A/B testing can cost time and money.

For example, you could make changes to a pay-per-click landing page, only to experience a decrease in leads and conversions. Your advertising ROI will plummet as a result. You’ll have to spend more time and money to adjust your landing pages.

Instead, you can save time and money while making time and money by using a session replay tool.

Session replay helps you better understand your target audience and customers. You can gather helpful data before making changes to your website. Then, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the updates you make will improve the user experience.

The Benefits of Using Session Replay

It’s not enough to answer the question “what is session replay?” Instead, it helps to understand how it can benefit your business, too. Here are a few benefits to keep in mind before using a session replay tool for the first time.

  1. Improve the User Experience

Google wants to provide its users with the best possible online experience. With that in mind, Google looks at websites that offer that experience. Then, it pushes those websites higher on its search engine results pages.

A higher ranking will position you in front of more customers. You can boost brand awareness and website traffic.

Once people visit your website, they’ll have an easy time exploring your content. They’ll find the information they need with ease, too. Then, you can convert those visitors into leads and customers.

Improving the user experience can boost your search engine ranking and ROI.

  1. Improve Your Customer Support

Customers want fast, easy access to the information they need. If they struggle to use your website, they’ll leave.

Instead, you can use session replay technology to make informed changes to your website. Those changes can improve your online customer support. Consumers won’t leave feeling frustrated.

Instead, they’ll remember their positive experience with your business and come back for more.

  1. Pinpoint Bugs

Bugs and design flaws can frustrate users. They could cost you potential sales and leads, too.

A session replay app can help you detect these flaws. Then, you can make changes to your website to remove those bugs.

  1. Visualize Interactions With Ease

It’s difficult to make changes to your website unless you know where to make those changes. You can use session replay to track specific issues. For example, you might notice a broken link or problem with a form during a replay.

Visualizing the data can help you make smarter changes to your website.

  1. Lead Generation Optimization

If people are struggling to use your website, they’ll leave without converting. You can use session replay to improve your lead generation strategy.

For example, you can improve your CTA buttons, forms, and links.

Making these updates can boost leads and your ROI.

What is Session Replay?: Your Guide to Getting Optimized

To recap, what is session replay? It’s the tool you need to optimize your website for success!

Don’t let website issues impact your company’s bottom line. Instead, start using session replay today!

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