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Are you an adult and want to watch the adult web series? If yes, then we would recommend you to watch 13 reasons why. This is one of the best web series that you can enjoy on Netflix and MX Player. To know in deep about the index of 13 reasons why web series, you need to look here at this article. From here you can get all the information related to this to have a look.

What are 13 reasons why?

13 reasons why is a web series based on the books by Jay Asher. This is the story of teenager Clay Jensen, when he returns home from school he finds a mysterious box with his name and that too lying on the floor of the balcony. He gets shocked and wonders who might have given this piece of box to him. After opening that box, he finds that there is a group of tapes recorded by Hannah Baker, Clay Jensen’s classmate, and the crush who just committed suicide two weeks before only.

Listening to one of the tape Hannah unfolds an emotional audio diary. This was the tape that detailed around 13 reasons why her crush committed suicide. From there he gets to know about the 13 reasons why, why her crush chooses death instead of life. Through Hannah and Clay’s dual description, 13 reasons why is a perfect story of a complex and heartbreaking event that leads to confusion and fear.

To have proper details about this web series, you need to watch it.

How many seasons are there of 13 reasons why?

After a search, we got to know that there are around 3 seasons of this wonderful Hollywood web series. All three seasons are having around 12 to 13 episodes. For having the proper details about the index index of 13 reason why of this web series, you need to look down below.

Index of 13 reasons why season 1

1- Tape 1, Side A

2- Tape 1, Side B

3- Tape 2, Side A

4- Tape 2, Side B

5- Tape 3, Side A

6- Tape 3, Side B

7- Tape 4, Side A

8- Tape 4, Side B

9- Tape 5, Side A

10- Tape 5, Side B

11- Tape 6, Side A

12- Tape 6, Side B

13- Tape 7, Side a

Index of 13 reasons why season 2To have full details on index of 13 reasons why s2. Have a look down below because below mentioned are all the episodes of index of 13 reason why season 2

1- The first Polaroid

2- Two Girls Kissing

3- The Drunk Slut

4- The second Polaroid

5- The Chalk Machine

6- The smile at the end of Dock

7- The third Polaroid

8- The Little Girl

9- The Missing Page

10- SSmile, Bitches

11- Bryce and Chloe

12- The Box of Polaroids

13- Bye

Index of 13 reasons why season 3

1- Yeah. I’m the New Girl

2- If You’re Breathing, You’re a liar

3- The Good Person Is Indistinguishable From the Bad

4- Angry, Young and Man

5- Nobody’s Clean

6- You Can Tell the Heart of a Man by How He Grieves

7-  There Are a Number of Problems With Clay Jensen

8- In High School, Even on a Good Day, It’s Hard to Tell Who’s on Your Side

9- Always Waiting for the Next Bad News

10- The World Closing In

11- There Are a Few Things I Haven’t Told You

12- And Then the Hurricane Hit

13- Let the Dead Bury the Dead

Hence, this is all that you need to know about the index of series 13 reasons why season 2. Stay connect to have more details.