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While looking for a PDF editor, you are likely to encounter a lots of PDF editing software online including EaseUS PDF Editor. However, making the best choice out of these softwares is of great importance. So today, we will walk you through the features to lookout for while selecting a PDF editor for your Windows PC and why you need to choose EaseUS PDF Editor as it has all you need.

PDFs are largely used file types for educational and commercial needs, owing to the fact that it typically preserves its document’s format irrespective of the device type or screen size. While working on documents, you may frequently need to modify or edit a PDF file; in this case, a powerful PDF viewing and editing software like EaseUS PDF Editor can handle the task for you without having much usage experience.

Most of the PDF editors online usually restrict lots of features to users and you can only have access to the full functionality when you pay for the premium version. However, EaseUS PDF Editor is Free PDF editing software where the full feature can be accessed with the free version although you may also buy the premium version if you like, as you will be open to more goodies if you do. But technically, you can use the EaseUS PDF Editor as it is one of the best free PDF editing software available.

Either you have never used a PDF editor before or you have probably used a bunch of PDF editing softwares and you are looking for the best, I believe you will want to select the one with the best user experience. With EaseUS PDF Editor, you do not need a text or video tutorial to be able to use this editing tool as you can do a lot even with zero knowledge of the software on your first use of the product.

The installation of this software is fast and it does not eat up your storage, even if you have a very little storage space left, you might be surprised EaseUS PDF Editor will fit in without taking much of your storage.

Lets take a look at the below key features of EaseUS PDF Editing software as these are the important stuffs you will need while editing your PDF file on your computer

Features of EaseUS PDF Editor

1. Easily create and edit PDF documents


With EaseUS PDF editing software, you can effortlessly produce a fresh PDF or convert images, Word documents and slides to PDF, and other popular formats to PDF. Editing PDFs is also a breeze with this software; EaseUS PDF editor makes it simple to edit, modify, and delete text, images, and links.

2. Use as PDF reader

You do not need another third-party software for reading your PDF once you have EaseUS PDFs editor as you can also utilize this app as a PDF reader. The User interface makes it easy for you to make use of this product as a PDF reader. You can make use of the search box to quickly find your lines and read through.

3. Convert PDF files to other file formats

The PDF converter transforms your PDF file to the most popular file types, including doc, png, docx, xls, jpg, ppt, pptx, bmp, tiff, xlsx, and jpeg, all without affecting the original fonts and styles. So, you can make use of this feature and convert your PDF to other file format you wish easily.

4. Convert a scanned document to a PDF file

Editing text in a scanned document is a pleasure as well as converting the scanned document to a PDF file. It is capable of recognizing and convert image-based PDFs to an editable format via the use of the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) advanced technology. It is capable of identifying and converting up to 30 distinct languages with high accuracy, such as English, French, Dutch, Korean Italian, German, Japanese and lots more. You can easily copy out a text from an image containing text and paste it somewhere else.

You can also do stuffs like filling a PDF based form on your windows, copy out text from a textbook page photo taken with a phone camera and lots more.

5. Compress a PDF without sacrificing quality

It’s inconvenient if your PDF file gets too huge to be sent over email or uploaded online. It is no longer an issue, thanks to the Compress option in the EaseUS PDF editor. It compresses PDF files quickly while retaining their initial look. After compressing the file, it is very hard to identify the difference between the initial file and the compressed file content as the quality remains intact.

6. Sign Your PDF Digitally

Add an image to files, invoicing, and contracts with the Add Image function. It also includes handwritten e-signature which you can use to digitally sign PDF documents, which includes the signature’s location, date, and time, as well as the purpose for the signature.

7. Encrypt your PDF

Additionally, you may utilize the Password security option to safeguard your PDF against unwanted access. This feature is easily accessed on the product dashboard and can be easily done without any prior knowledge. So, if you wish to upload your PDF online, you can restrict the access to the files to only those with the passcodes as those without the password will now see the content.


If you need to choose a PDF reader or a PDF editor, you might want to consider the product from EaseUS as you can do a lot with this best free PDF Editing software. With a glance at the features of this product, you will agree that EaseUS PDF editor is a powerful Windows PDF editor tool you need and there is currently no match for this software on the net.

Take advantage of this software aqui and enjoy the wonderful features that comes with it. Create, edit or modify you PDF on the go with zero stress.

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