Top Collaborative and Creative Project Management Tools

Technological developments have entirely transformed organizations’ functioning and have made them more streamlined. Irrespective of the scale and size of a business, integrating advanced technology has become the need for time. In addition, intelligent use and application of technology help businesses excel. Project management is an essential aspect of modern businesses and facilitates companies in smooth running. Competent project managers hold everything related to projects and ensure they meet objectives and goals within time and budget.

Modern businesses rely on technology, and project management software has become an indispensable part of organizations. Additionally, companies need to adopt an innovative approach and use creative methods to solve existing issues, avert potential problems and bring something new to the table. Project management tools are especially significant for creative teams. They need a specific place to consolidate workflows, track progress, receive and give feedback, and engage with other collaborators. Project management tools help send, receive, and edit files and have enabled people to do so from anywhere at any time.

Companies now realize the significance of project management tools and want to invest in them and reap benefits. Due to its intuitive and straightforward interface, Airtable, a project collaboration tool, has been a popular organization choice. Still, numerous companies feel that it does not suit their business needs. Thus, they search for alternatives to Airtable to manage projects. The following are some collaborative and creative project management tools that can help them achieve success:


Asana is a visually appealing yet popular project management software. Its user-friendly interface lets you manage various projects, from project development to sales systems. Asana’s free versions allow 15 members to work on a project, and its paid version’s price typically depends on users. For every user, you need to pay 9.99 $ per month. It allows project managers to customize many core business operations like IT support, finance, HR sales, product development, and several others. Additionally, they can create templates as per their preference and needs. Asana’s plus point is that you can automate tasks with a few clicks, utilize forms to smooth out requests, and enable a portfolio view to help in managing milestones.


Another creative project management tool that supports organizations to collaborate over a wide array of projects is Wrike. It simplifies project planning, has a tracking system, and lets you communicate with all stakeholders. However, Wrike contains many advanced features, making it complex. Companies have to invest some time to onboard their entire team. Another feature that sets Wrike apart is that it has a priority tab that enables you to prioritize tasks and helps you in meeting deadlines.

Moreover, the software has various integration options making it a powerful management suite. Wrike has a free version with limited functions that allows you to use it for up to five years. In comparison, a paid plan begins at 9.80 $ per user per month.


Another creative and award-winning project management tool is ProofHub, which helps companies plan, track, and organize teams’ tasks. It provides a unified space of Gnatt charts, calendars, documents, task lists, workflows, and discussions. ProofHub makes collaboration within groups and with external clients more straightforward.  ProofHub has a minimalist interface, and it has relatively few integrations. The user-friendly software simplifies the work processes and enables companies to provide instant feedback. Furthermore, it offers dedicated spaces where companies can carry discussions and brainstorm. ProofHub is ideal for freelancers and businesses of all scales.


Clarizen is a project management solution that primarily benefits small or middle-scale businesses. The drawback is that Clarizen does not have a mobile application, and organizations have to use it through a web browser. However, it lets users track resource use and has other beneficial reporting features. Clarizen’s key focus is resource allocation which is effortless and streamlines firms’ processes. Another plus point is letting people predict resource allocation with ‘what-if’ scenarios and help make contingency plans. Additionally, Clarizen takes care of the budget, email-free communication, collaboration, and optimizing resource allocation. Unfortunately, Clarizen does not publish price information.


The notion is a creative project management software that is sleek and sophisticated. The collaborative tool is flexible and user-friendly and is perfect for project management software for creative teams. The notion can embed several other tools and let companies work on different applications simultaneously. It provides a single space where companies can have all they need, such as documents, images, projects, tasks, and notes. Creative teams can brainstorm, have design sessions and share them with multiple team members. It has a flexible Kanban board and can organize projects and tasks.  The notion is an incredible collaborative tool, and its easy-to-use interface makes it ideal for beginners.


Scoro is a unique and all-in-one project management tool. The software helps companies organize and streamline their work processes. For example, it helps organizations create one-pagers for different projects that can include various bits of information. Companies can use these one-pagers and keep invoices, files, comments, expenses, budgets, and project progress in one place. Another benefit of this cloud-based project management tool is that it is multi-lingual and deals in various currencies. Besides, Scoro can integrate with storage applications like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and other schedule management applications, such as iCal, and Google Calendar.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a creative project management tool that lets companies divide projects into tasks and subtasks. It can integrate with different business applications like Slack, Zapier, Dropbox, Github, etc. In addition, it has features like file management, invoicing, budgeting, Gantt charts, and time tracking. Zoho Projects’ central focus is issue tracking, and it helps companies track business problems to their closure. Zoho Projects also lets organizations plan, organize, and track projects to closure like other collaborative tools. Furthermore, it comes with additional features, including forums, feeds, and chat to have real-time collaboration. Zoho Projects can support a team of up to 15 members and cost 25 $ for ten projects.


Project management tools have made life easy for project managers. They assist them in almost all aspects of project management. Projects can be of different types, depending on the business; some are simple and require nothing more than a checklist. In comparison, several projects are complex. Project managers need to have a proper plan, a team to assign tasks to, and ways of tracking their performances. Project management tools support managers to quantify, objectify, segregate and delegate tasks properly to ensure that the team meets deadlines and objectives. Various creative and collaborative project management solutions are available on the Internet. Organizations can invest in one that aligns with their needs and budgets.

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