How Your Restaurant Can Save Time on Food Delivery

If you own a restaurant, it’s important to comprehend the significance of delivering food on time. Not only does it give your customers an enjoyable dining experience, but it also reduces the amount of food waste.

While many factors go into calculating how fast your restaurant can deliver food to customers, there are some concrete phases you may prefer to speed up the process.

Increase the number of workers

To upsurge effectiveness, increase the number of employees handling food delivery. By having a team handle multiple deliveries on the same day, you can reduce costs and do more deliveries during a given period. If possible, hire an employee to handle various tasks in the kitchen to ensure consistency.

Shorten Deliveries

To help speed up the delivery time for orders, assign more minor routes to each restaurant employee and do deliveries in small quantities. This way, the restaurant can satisfy more orders on a given day and still have enough time to rest.

Plan Orders Ahead of Schedule

If your system is developed in which customers place their orders when they enter your restaurant, plan. By doing this, you will decrease waiting time for customers and get faster deliveries. It is best to give the customer 30 minutes before the order is ready for pick up or delivery to ensure they do not need to wait longer than necessary.

Use Technology To Accept Orders

It is more efficient to allow the customers to place orders when they are at your restaurant, instead of waiting for them to call. Customers can place their order by using a mobile app or beaming them with a tablet device. This offers you the capacity to process orders faster and get deliveries out in an equal time amount as if you were doing them manually.

Offer Convenience

Aside from improving the time consumed to deliver your food, you can also offer convenience in the form of choosing what time you want your order to arrive. By allowing customers to choose from a list of delivery times, you cater to their needs and give them greater flexibility. This way, customers don’t have to wait longer than they want, and the restaurant will still get faster deliveries.

Reduce Complaints

If you want to improve the speed of food delivery, you can try to keep complaints as low as possible. By reducing the number of complaints in your restaurant, customers will be more willing to return and order from you again. This will also increase the amount of repeat business.

Improve the Order Process

To improve ordering food, make sure that your system is instinctive to use. By making your order process simple, you get quicker orders and have more satisfied customers. You can as well improve your order process by using food lockers from Grubbrr.

Train Your Employees

When it comes to fast food delivery, employees are an important part of the process. Your employees can make or break how quickly your restaurant can deliver food, so it’s essential to train them properly. For instance, make sure that they know how to order supplies on time and handle each customer type.


Many factors affect how quickly your restaurant can deliver food. If you need to become better at it, develop a system that improves the order process and gives employees an edge when delivering food on time.

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