Tech Evolutions of Video Games and Online Gaming

The technological evolutions of recent years are the basis of the global diffusion of video games and online gaming. Just think of the difference between the games of two decades ago and those of today. We have gone from graphics with coarse polygons to the immersion of 3D environments, to the dissemination of mini-games on social platforms and to smartphones intended as real gaming stations. But what awaits us in the future? And what will be the next trends in the sector?

The epochal turning point in the world of gaming came with the arrival of the Internet and fast connections within everyone’s reach. It was 2004 when World Of Warcraft came out, forever revolutionizing the way of understanding video games. The global success of Blizzard’s product opened the market for massive online games that today generate phenomenal numbers at the economic and public levels.

However, it would be a mistake to believe that we have reached the pinnacle of technological evolution. Progress goes on and we are already seeing the advancement of technology in the gaming industry. We could feel the arrival of new game modes and devices like 3D home golf studio and many other games with multi-sport capabilities that make the sessions more and more realistic and immersive.

In this sense, the first step towards the future was the arrival of Pokemon Go’s augmented reality on our smartphones. From there, and thanks to the drop in prices of virtual reality headsets such as Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, AR and VR entered our daily video-game life.

But the Internet has also allowed the global spread of mobile gaming. Already in 2019, the trends in the sector have recorded an important growth in mobile gaming, favored by the creation of increasingly smart devices and by titles that begin to rival, in terms of realization and depth, with those from consoles. Just think that today the game apps are the most downloaded on the various Android and Apple Stores.

The world of gaming is always ready to reserve tasty surprises for many fans. Between new titles, innovative games, and so on, there is one certainty: Book of Ra Deluxe. It is one of the most fun online slot games among the users of this infinite universe. Over the years this game has evolved thanks to the technological push that has improved its usability and gameplay.

The Internet, AR and VR, and the latest generation of smartphones are not the only technologies that affect the way we play. There are others that impact and will impact it in a perhaps more indirect but no less important way. What will it be like, for example, to play battle royale or FIFA with the latest generation folding screens? And what will our gaming sessions be like when the headsets are perfectly integrated with the new consoles?

Big changes are also expected in the game modes. In recent years, the main evolution has been the introduction of free-to-play, with free downloadable products (the successes of Fortnite, Dota, and League of Legends are emblematic).

The Evolution Gaming gaming sector ensures that type of use that perhaps had been lacking in recent years. In the future, premium image and audio features must also be part of the capabilities of PC applications. Alternatively, of course, it would be even better if most households had a good connection to the Internet. The available platforms also have to be expanded – Stadia and Playstation Now absolutely need apps on all mobile operating systems, and Stadia in particular should be integrated into Chromebooks as soon as possible. And Geforce Now would look good with Linux and iOS support.

It is also important that providers take away users’ fear that their games will suddenly disappear. The sudden jumps at Geforce Now have seriously damaged the image of the services and lost trust.

A new 360-degree game vision capable of giving a sophisticated and avant-garde idea thanks to a new game experience that is more fluid and without any system glitch. The last word, as always, will be given by the market and its users. The game, as usual, will be rewarded by the involved users who will give their opinion and will rate this new gaming experience according to their criteria and knowledge of the digital online experience.

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