When starting a dental practice, you’ll find that there is a big investment to get it up and running—especially when it comes to your dental equipment. However, you can’t start a clinic without dental equipment, so what are some ways you can save money on dental equipment? Here are a few ideas:

Look for refurbished equipment

You may want brand-new equipment because it looks shiny and new, and not at all used. But did you know that there are some great companies offering refurbished equipment that looks like new? However, with refurbished equipment, you’ll get a much lower price than if you were to buy the equipment brand new. While looking for refurbished equipment, do your research.

Read reviews from former buyers and make sure that the company has been around for a while so you can trust that the equipment is the type of quality you want in your practice that you’re starting up. Before you start looking, make sure you know what kind of budget you have for your dental equipment.

Check out overstock providers

If your heart is set on brand-new equipment, there are some options for buying equipment that is overstocked. Brand new and never used, but just sitting around in storage, this kind of dental equipment and health tech is often a great find. That’s because you know it’s never been used, yet it’s typically priced much lower than it would be from a regular supplier.

While this method may require more research and time spent finding the right equipment, it could be ideal for those who want new equipment without a high price-tag.

Buy from a company that offers freebies

There are some companies that don’t necessarily offer discounts on equipment, but throw in some freebies that can add a lot of value. So, while you may spend a lot on some equipment, you could get some free irrigation syringes and orthodontic tools thrown in, which will help you save some money on dental supplies you need for your new practice.

As you continue to buy supplies from them, they’ll more than likely throw in some extra stuff, so picking a provider you can trust that is known for their discounts and rewards can go far in helping you save money.

Stick with one provider

There may be times where you can save a little money by ordering supplies from a variety of companies. However, it can actually be more cost effective to buy from one provider.

Not only does this help you reduce shipping costs, but it also helps you to potentially participate in reward and loyalty programs some providers offer, that in the end could result in free supplies and discounts. Trying to buy from a variety of suppliers can also be difficult to keep track of and a bit overwhelming. If you do want to buy from various providers, use a website like Procurify to help you keep track of your purchases.

Consider options that price match

Another way to cut on costs for your dental equipment is to speak with the provider about possible price matching. If you can commit to buying from them for a specific amount of time, they may be willing to provide you with a discount.

If there are different providers offering a lower price on equipment, but you’d prefer to do business with a supplier that has a slightly higher price tag on their supplies, try to negotiate the price. Make sure to come prepared with evidence that one supplier is charging a lower price for the same product.

In Conclusion

If you’re ready to start your own practice, you could find that it’s going to mean a large investment at the beginning. It can be worth it in the long run, though, as everyone needs a dentist. If you want to cut down on costs and save some money along the way, consider these above-mentioned ways to cut down on equipment costs.


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