Tote bags with your brand’s name and logo are a constant reminder of your business. Custom grocery bags are the simplest way to be on top of the customers’ minds always. The US has seen the tote bags market grow with a CAGR of 5.54%, and the trend may continue until 2025. Among the masses, the growing awareness about the harmful effects of plastic bags has resulted in this spurt in sales.

Plastic bags take about 300 years to degrade naturally. They are also harmful to the animals, both terrestrial and sea life. The breakdown of plastic releases harmful greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere and requires a lot of energy to be manufactured in the first place.

The scales are tipped in favor of reusable tote bags, which do away with most of these negatives. If you plan to use grocery bags as part of your promotional campaign, make sure that you bear these things in mind.


Different materials serve different purposes. When looking at grocery tote bags for promoting your business, you should consider laminated ones. They help avoid spillage and leakage. They can be laminated only on the inside or inside and out.

Not only that, they are great for grocery shopping and things like carrying food and drinks for a picnic. These bags also clean easily due to their laminated coating.

Sturdy Handles

Handles are crucial to a grocery bag as they bear most of the weight. Therefore, you should make sure that the bags you hand out should have sturdy handles for the intended use as a part of your promotion.

When you give out superior products as part of a promotion, you create the image of a high-end brand in customers’ minds. Good handles can go a long way in building your brand’s image.

High-Quality Seams

Tote bags are joined at the seams by stitching the end of the fabric together. The stitch quality should be the best so that they do not come apart at a slight tug. Users should be able to carry it on their shoulders or in their hands without worrying about spilling its contents.

Premium Zippers

A bag’s zipper is the most used and abused item on the bag. Customers are usually in a hurry and will tug at it too hard. This results in that the zipper will be damaged, rendering the bag useless. Therefore, invest in tote bags that have premium-quality zippers that slide easily. Quality will speak volumes about your brand.

Multiple Pockets

This is another feature that customers love in a tote. Being able to carry things like cash, phone, change, and other small items in separate pockets in the bag can make life a lot easier and more organized. Since the bags will be used for more than just grocery shopping, having small pockets inside or outside the bag is an attractive feature.


You can pick unique colors, styles, shapes, and patterns so that a glance is enough to identify the brand. Having a unique theme will strengthen your differentiation strategy. When you are different, you stand out from the crowd. Therefore, this is one feature you should have in your custom grocery bags.


When using tote bags, you want them customized to meet your business requirements. Therefore, you should go for bags that allow printing logos, brand names, tag lines, addresses, phone numbers, and sometimes-even menus. You may want to have a uniform design on all bags or pick different ones for various events.

Color Coordination

Your brand has a logo with a set of colors in it. It is recommended that your grocery tote bags match the same colors so that customers can identify with your brand without even reading what is printed on it.

Quick Turnaround

When you design bags for specific events or promotions, the turnaround time becomes critical. Once you plan the event, your supplier needs to deliver on time. Delays can be disastrous for your brand’s reputation.

Receiver Analysis

Also, carry out thorough demographic research on your intended receivers. The receivers can vary from one event to another. Therefore, it is best to customize the bags based on who will be receiving them.

Businesses look at cost-effective ways of promoting their brand. Using custom grocery bags is one great way of advertising. They help improve the recall value of your brand. By making sure that you hand out good quality totes designed based on the above points, you will win brownie points with prospective customers.

Start your next marketing campaign with these points in mind, and it will surely be a success.


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