As we head back to work in 2021, we are beginning to question how we see our work environments. For the past few months, many of us have been working from home. Without much notice, most of us were not prepared to work from home. We didn’t have a desk or file cabinets or fancy office chairs; we don’t always have the best desk accessories but instead, we had a couch, a coffee table, and a kitchen counter from which we worked from time to time. We got used to getting up and moving throughout our work days because we have the ability to do so.

 As we head back to work, many of us have found comfort in moving around during our workdays and we are wondering how we can best utilize our desks as we return to the offices. We have two options for a workspace- a seated desk, or an adjustable standing desk.

So which is the better desk option? There are a few benefits to both seated and standing desks but the better of the two options is the standing desk because it has increased health benefits, is a natural mood lifter, and can increase your life expectancy.

 In this article, we’ll discuss the variety of reasons why a standing desk is a better option for the office than a seated desk.

Better Posture

We have heard over the years how bad prolonged sitting is for us, but when it comes to work that was just always what we had to do. But recently standing desks have been trending and one of these reasons is because of the increasing health benefits of this desk option. 

But first, to prove a point, let’s talk about the negative effects of a seated desk. According to an article on FlexiSpot prolonged sitting can lead to a negative impact on the spine, a higher possibility of cancer, and deep vein thrombosis. On the flip side, utilizing a standing desk can help better digest your food, ward off cancer and decrease your chance of obesity. 

Better Energy and Mood

Pre-pandemic, we went to the office, sat at a desk for 8 hours, and returned home to sit at the dinner table if we were lucky, and then to the couch for some relaxation. This resulted in entirely too many hours spent in a seated position. But the pandemic shook things up and many begin experimenting with how they worked. You might’ve discovered it felt better to check your emails in the morning while standing drinking a cup of coffee. You might’ve also noticed an increase in your mood while doing this and there is a reason why.

According to Amerisleep, utilizing a standing desk can boost both your mood and your energy levels. The article goes on to say that a seat position for prolonged amounts of time can lead to anxiety and depression – a standing desk on the other hand has been shown to improve a person’s well-being.

Increases Lifespan

Although all of us can greatly benefit from better posture and a better mood, the most exciting and thought-provoking reason a standing desk is more beneficial to you is that it could increase your life expectancy. 

Sitting at a desk all day can lead to heart disease and obesity and can eventually lead to your demise. According to Amerisleep, a seated desk can negatively impact your health and increase your chances of cardiovascular-related fatalities. By utilizing a standing desk even a few hours a day, you can decrease some of these health risks and possibly extend your lifetime.


We will have to make a lot of decisions about how we utilize our desks and offices as we return to work. We can either continue to stay seated all day and risk our health, or we can switch to a standing desk and possibly live longer. When it comes to returning to the office, it’s important to understand both the health consequences of a seated desk and the benefits of a standing desk.  Not only does a standing desk help with things like posture and mood elevation, but utilizing a standing desk can also increase your lifespan.  How cool is that? After all – who wouldn’t want to live a little longer?


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