Why Every Building Should Always Have Fire Alarms And Fire Extinguishers

Fires are a common occurrence, and most buildings are made of materials that burn easily. Buildings should always have fire alarms and extinguishers to put out the fires before they get out of hand, and here is why.

1. Prevent structural collapse

One of the biggest dangers of a fire is that it can cause structural collapse. A building made of wood or other similar materials could easily be destroyed by the heat caused by a fire, which means that having fire alarms and extinguishers can help prevent this from happening. If there are no structures to support the weight of the building, stopping the spread of the fire can become much easier. If you are from Kentucky, you should search fire safety in Kentucky and see what are your options in protecting your building. Whether you’re trying to bring your current fire protection up to code, certify your fire extinguishers, inspect your emergency lights, or prepare for an upcoming visit from the fire marshal, it all has to be right.

2. Prevent the spread of smoke and fumes

When a fire occurs in a building, it is not just the flames that are dangerous, but also the smoke and fumes. These poisonous gasses can cause serious damage to people’s lungs if they are inhaled for too long. A structure equipped with fire alarms would usually have carbon monoxide detectors installed near where people sleep, which will let them know if there is smoke in the building, giving them time to evacuate before being harmed by the fumes.

Fires may be hard to detect in areas that aren’t well-lit or easy to access, especially for buildings that have cellars or basements that are connected directly to the outdoors. This means that ground-level windows won’t work as reliable smoke detectors, so it is necessary for buildings to have other ways to detect the smoke.

3. Reduces risk to rescuers 

In a fire, most people would try to evacuate the building as soon as they possibly can, but if there are any individuals who can’t leave on their F, firefighters or other rescuers might have to risk their lives to save them. These brave men and women will need all the protection that they can get in order for them to safely go inside and rescue those who need help. Having fire alarms and extinguishers reduces the risks that come with going into a burning building because it makes it easier for these rescuers to know where exactly the fire is located as well as how much heat and smoke there is at different parts of the building where they may be going in.

4. Saves lives  

It should be a no-brainer that having fire alarms and extinguishers in a building will save the lives of its inhabitants. In a situation where there is little to no warning, people can’t move as fast as they think they can, especially if there are elderly people or small children who may have trouble getting out quickly without being noticed. Having early detection from these devices reduces the amount of time it would take for all occupants to evacuate a burning building, making it much less likely for anyone to sustain serious injuries.

5. Makes inspections easier 

In order for a building to maintain its occupancy permit, periodic inspections need to be done by authority figures such as fire marshals or other government officials. The documentation that comes with a permit from the fire department will usually have specific requirements, such as where and when inspections have to be performed. If these places are not met, then it can mean trouble for a building manager or business owner because they could risk losing their occupancy permit if their building is deemed hazardous by an inspector. Having properly installed, and maintained, the equipment can make it easier for authority figures to see whether there are any problems in the building’s fire protection plan.
6. Preserves property 

Whether personal or business property, belongings can be very valuable to people. Destruction from fires is not limited to what it burns, but also the damage done when items are either melted or warped due to intense heat. Having equipment like sprinklers and alarms in place will help reduce the risk of any major damage coming from a fire because they’ll make it easier for fire crews to contain the flames before it continues spreading through all parts of a building. Installing equipment like fire extinguishers and alarms will come with an added cost, but it is incomparable to the cost of losing everything that a building has due to a fire. The most important asset in any business or residence is its people, so regardless of how much their belongings are worth, owners would rather have their employees be safe from harm.

6. Saves time and money 

Depending on how big a building is and what type of business it contains, there might be employees that work 24/7. If the alarms and extinguishers aren’t working properly, then those people may not know whether they should evacuate if there is an emergency because they won’t have any way to tell whether their buildings are safe. This can lead to workers being at-risk for injuries, which means that the company will most likely have to pay medical bills as well as compensate them for time missed. On top of all of that, businesses may have to shut down until repairs are done in order to prevent more damages from being caused by fires. It makes sense financially for businesses to invest in these fire protection equipment so that it’s much harder for fires to cause too much damage.

7. Reduces risk of fire 

Ever since the invention of fire, mankind has been working on ways to minimize the risk of it happening, and fire alarms and extinguishers are some of many ways that people have been doing this. Even though there is no such thing as a fire-proof building, these devices can still significantly cut down on the chance of something like a large-scale massive blaze from happening because they lower heat and smoke in case of emergencies. Having them installed will give everyone peace of mind while inside so that they know what to do when one occurs. Security of risks is very important and that why you should always protect and monitor your building.

As stated above, having equipment like fire alarms and extinguishers installed in a building will make people feel safer while they’re inside because it takes away some risk involved with fires. Protecting your employees and yourself is the priority so that  you don’t have to worry about the things you own because they can always be replaced, but members of your team cannot.

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