If your social life is in need of a pick-me-up, random video chatting could be just the ticket. After all, it isn’t always possible to make new connections whenever you feel like it in real life; whether you’re too busy, too shy, or just live in a small town, circumstances aren’t always in your favor. With random video chatting, though, there are always people to meet and friends to make, at any time of day or night.

Say you’re trying out a chat site like Chatrandom – would it be more than an easy way to alleviate boredom? Unless you absolutely hate talking to strangers (in which case, it’s time you got some cats and learned how to play solitaire), your video chat experience should be fun and entertaining. Not only will it add some variety to your life, but it’ll also give you something to anticipate for whenever you have some free time.

Random video chatting can do more for you than just provide some entertainment, though; if you’re curious to know more, just keep reading!

You can participate in online communities

Video chatting with strangers is typically random by default, but some chat sites will also offer chat rooms. These are places where various groups of people can gather online to meet each other; the options range from chat rooms for gay men, to college students, to singles, and much more.

Depending on the site, the chat rooms could be quite large, or have just a couple hundred members. You won’t necessarily be part of a tightly-knit community in a chat room, but you’ll still have a connection with the other people there – certainly more than you would with the average random video chatter. Plus, it’s a good way to add some variety to your chat sessions.

Your social confidence could get a boost

If you’re like most people, your social confidence could use a little help. This isn’t to call you out; it’s just that if you aren’t a total people-person, some social situations might feel more intimidating than they actually are.

Enter random video chats. Did you know that some people with social anxiety have actually used random video chatting to get past it? This is because, unlike in real-life situations, you can leave at any point in the conversation. Did you say something to your chat partner that sounded fine in your head, but turned into an unbelievably goofy statement once it left your mouth? You don’t have to try to recover your dignity or deal with the odd looks if you don’t want to; just skip to the next chat!

The fear of messing up can have you stumbling over your words in even the most boring conversations, but if you know you have an exit plan, a lot of that pressure will be gone. And as you become used to the dynamic and learn to relax, your newfound conversational skills could soon translate to real life as well.

You’ll never have to wish you could meet more strangers

If there’s one thing that can be said about random video chat sites, it’s that they give you an unprecedented chance to meet all the people you could ask for. Whatever site you end up on, it’ll probably have a few thousand users. They’ll be from different countries and time zones, so you could even hop online at four in the morning and still have plenty of chat partners.

Normally the chat site’s algorithm would pair you up with your chat partners, but if you use filters, you’ll have some say in the matter as well. Location and gender filters are popular, but your chosen chat site could also let you filter by city, age, or interests.

You’ll become friends with some of the people you meet

A lot of your video chats will be one-and-done deals, but sometimes you’ll make a genuine connection with a chat partner. In these cases, you’ll want to be on a chat site that lets you reconnect with the people you’ve already met. A lot of sites let you chat anonymously without signing up, but if this is what you’re doing, you’ll have no way of keeping up with someone after the chat has ended.

Maintaining an online friendship may take a little more creativity than your real-life friendships, but the video chat feature will give you plenty of flexibility. A lot of people see online friendships as “less real” than what you can have in person, but that’s a misconception; they’re just different. After all, everyone has friends that they aren’t very close with, or don’t spend a lot of time with; nobody says they aren’t “real” friendships, though. By the same token, your online friends might not be candidates to ride shotgun on epic road-trips, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t still friends.

You’ll hone your creative skills

Even if you suck at arts and crafts, you can still be creative – you just need the right opportunity! And for some people, that opportunity is having to come up with things to do during random video chats. Learn how to juggle, teach someone your favorite Tex-Mex recipe, or have dad-joke contests – you name it!

This doesn’t just apply to your chat partners; you could also do it with the friends you already have. There are dozens of video call apps out there, and you can use one to connect with your friend-group when in-person gatherings aren’t possible. Once they hear about your ideas, they’ll probably think up plenty of their own. You could take turns picking the subject of each video call, or even vote on which ideas are the best.

If this sounds like fun to you, maybe random video chatting belongs in your schedule.

It’s available around the clock, and you’ll always have new people to chat with. Everyone’s random chat experience is different, but given the fact that millions of people across the world are doing it, you know they must be having fun!


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