The Internet has caught America. 88.5% of Americans use the Internet to one extent or another. Many people use it to find out more about businesses they want to hire or buy from.

This is where a local SEO strategy comes in. Developing a good strategy will allow thousands of Internet users to learn about your business. But you need to avoid several mistakes.

What makes up a good SEO strategy? What should you do to make your website easier to use and read? How can you let customers know how to contact you?

Answer these questions and you can create a resolute SEO strategy that will raise your sales. Here is your quick guide.

You Don’t Have Real-World Connections

You can have the greatest SEO strategy on the planet. No one will care if they do not see your company in the real world.

Your search strategy should be one of many strategies you follow to promote your business. You should run print and television advertisements. You should sponsor public events so local customers can see you face-to-face.

Your products and services should be worthwhile. They should fulfill your customers’ needs and make their lives easier in some way.

Spend a lot of time improving your company before you launch your local SEO strategy. Make sure your company stands out from its competition in some way, such as by prioritizing customer service. Then have your strategy speak back to your distinct qualities.

You Don’t Have Links

Link omission is one of the most common SEO mistakes. Many people write a great blog post with a call to action that links to another page on their website. But they don’t include any other links.

Google algorithms prioritize articles that contain several links. Links clarify important details and make an author seem more knowledgeable.

You should include two internal and two external links in every 500-word article you write. For every additional 500 words, you should add another internal and external link.

If you are concerned about linking to competitors, you should find government and academic websites. Links ending in .edu or .gov are credible and do not compete with local businesses.

You can trade links, linking to someone else’s website and having them link back to you. You can then use a free backlink checker to see if they have linked to your content.

You’re Stuffing Keywords

Keyword stuffing can occur in a few ways. A writer may include more than a dozen keywords within a 500-word article, even ones that don’t relate to each other. A writer may also write unnatural or awkward sentences just so they can include a keyword.

Any article you write should have a target keyword. You can include this keyword in your introduction, body, and conclusion. But you do not have to include it more than three or four times.

You can then include a few secondary keywords in your article. All of the keywords should relate to each other and to the topic of your article. You should include each one in a natural sentence by itself.

Sprinkle other keywords across your website content. Feel free to include one or two in your page titles and meta descriptions.

Your Website Doesn’t Look Good

Many marketing fails relate to aesthetics. It does not matter how well your blog posts read. Your blog and website have to look appealing to the eye.

You can organize your blog posts to make them look good. Write in two- or three-sentence paragraphs. Try to avoid writing long or complex sentences unless you are writing a list.

Optimize your images so they are crystal clear. Remove any images that are out-of-focus, pixellated, or do not relate to your website content.

Place a navigation bar along the top of your screen. Include links in your bar to pages that will let the Internet user understand your services. You can include a company logo if you have one.

You should use colors that will not hurt the user’s eyes. Black text on white backgrounds may be bland, but it is easy to look at.

You should also use appropriate fonts. Arial and Times New Roman are fine. Never use Comic Sans or another font that is hard to take seriously.

There Are No Ways to Contact Your Company

Your SEO strategy will mean nothing if a user has no way of contacting you. You should have a contact page, which you link to in your navigation bar and on your landing pages.

You should include the phone number and physical address of your company at a minimum. But adding a function that lets users send comments and personal messages to you is a good idea. This lets you handle complaints and gather feedback on your services.

If you cannot add a comment function to your website, you can list your company’s email. Make sure you check your email on a regular basis.

You should also link to your company’s social media pages on your contact page. If you are not on social media, you should get on Facebook and Twitter. Many customers like to contact companies they like through social media.

How to Make a Great Local SEO Strategy

You need to avoid a few pitfalls to pull off your local SEO strategy. Your strategy should accompany real-world efforts to let customers know about your company.

Every article you write should include internal and external links. You should have keywords in each article, but not too many.

Your website should be easy to navigate and pleasant to look at. Use photographs that relate to your content meaningfully. One page on your website should list off ways your customers can contact you.

Marketing trends rise and fall. Learn about the latest SEO strategies by following our coverage.


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