How many people are wondering what to do to obtain new followers if they have an Instagram profile and want to promote it? There isn’t a single golden rule, after all. There are numerous aspects that influence whether or not your profile will be successful in attracting active recipients. In this article, we’ll show you how to improve the quality of your account and so gain more followers.

Instagram, along with Facebook, is one of the most popular social media platforms, bringing together a vast number of Internet users. Instagram has over a billion users, according to the Gemius / PBI research, and 100 million photographs are shared every day (data from 2019). It’s worth noting that the platform’s popularity is steadily increasing, with thousands of new Instagram users joining every day. It’s not difficult to imagine how one user could ever see so much stuff. The Instagram team built an algorithm that determines how they are shown. Users of this popular social media platform would miss out on almost 70% of the content.

So, how can you make your profile stand out among so many others? First and foremost, you must be patient, since creating an appealing account is a long-term process that demands dedication and continual profile improvement, both in terms of photo and content quality. We’ve put up a list of rules to follow while creating Instagram content that can help you get more free Instagram followers.

Don’t engage in unequal business practices.

In the post Why it is not worth purchasing followers on Instagram ( Why-nie-warto-kupowac-followersow-na-instagrammie /), we discuss why it is not worth resorting to unfair methods, such as buying followers. The shortcut is appealing since who wouldn’t want their account to have tens of thousands of new followers after a month? However, it is important to realize that the number of followers does not always imply that the account is valuable. An account with inactive followers who are simply buying blank profiles has no value.

A person who buys likes or followers loses faith in an audience that has been sought honestly. Furthermore, it loses reach because the Instagram algorithm detects such an account right away, reduces its reach, and may even prohibit it. If you want to deal with brands, you should be aware that no company will be interested in a profile like this because there are no active recipients on whom you can have a significant impact. Instagram auto liker without login can give you more likes for your posts.

The profile’s aesthetics and making a strong initial impression

The profile’s aesthetics are the most significant factor, second only to the substantial material, and it determines half of the success. The first impression is crucial on Instagram, as it is in real life. The individual who visits your profile decides whether to stay for a few seconds or several minutes. Many people will return to your Instagram account with sheer joy if you have great images as well as interesting, engaging, and motivating posts. What else should you be concerned about? First and foremost, components such as BIO must be included.

It is a brief curriculum vitae that includes basic information about one’s life, passions, accomplishments, occupation, place of residence, and countries visited. It’s a presentation of your profile with information for recipients about what it’s all about. If you wish to work with brands, you should offer an email address where they may contact you.


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