You must have noticed that famous brands will always use simple email templates. This is not because of budgetary concerns but because those simple templates drive the conversion rates. The purpose of your emails should be to convey a clear message to your customer. If your emails fail to do the needful, here are six tips for creating outstanding email templates for your brand.

Tips for creating outstanding email templates

  • Create an uncluttered layout

The reader will have difficulty reading your emails if the layout is unorganized and cluttered. Hence, most email marketers follow a visual hierarchy to increase their conversion rates. The visual hierarchy is implemented to help draw the reader’s attention to the right places. You can use HubSpot marketing email templates to get free layouts for your emails.

Usually, email marketers visualize the content hierarchy as an inverted triangle. Puzz has followed suit while designing its email template. First, they have advertised their products using a picture. Then they use text to describe what they are offering. Finally, they have entered the CTA button. Just like an inverted triangle. 

  • Write crisp email content

You should aim to make your emails short and unambiguous. No one wants to read a wall of text to figure out what you are offering in your emails. While creating a promotional or sales email, think about what your customers find most useful and create your email copy around it. But, you should remember, this rule is not set in stone. You can enter long-form content in your emails if you are sending out newsletters or introductory emails. Content-heavy emails are generally used to build a lasting relationship with your audience. 

Design+Code’s email is rather simple and straight to the point. The content of the email directly states the purpose of the email and the features. In addition to that, they have used visually appealing imagery with rounded-out edges to make the emails look less threatening.

  • Use brand logo and colors

Your email templates should be instantly recognizable. This makes it easier for you to grab your customer’s attention. To make this possible, you should generously use your brand assets such as brand logo, brand voice, and colors. It will make your emails stand out in your recipient’s inbox.

There is no better example than Taco Bell’s promotional email to explain this point. As you can see, the email has different shades of violet, which is also the color of their logo. Additionally, they have used their logo plentifully in their custom email template.

  • Use readable fonts

Using custom fonts in your email templates is a great way to make your templates stand out in your recipient’s inbox. But you should not get carried away and use fonts that are borderline unreadable. If the reader finds your texts unreadable, they will not hesitate to click away and dump your email in the bin. Therefore, you should be cautious while using creative fonts in your email copy. 

The sale announcement email by YouWorkForThem is a great example of using readable yet creative fonts in your emails. 

  • Load time optimization

A well-designed template will not matter if your email takes too long to load. Even if your readers open your email, they are more likely to skip it and refrain from opening future emails from you. You should try to follow the golden 80/20 rule while designing your email templates. The rule purports that your emails should be 80% text and 20% images. This will decrease the size of your emails as well as the load time. You can also decrease the file size of your emails by embedding any links directly in the HTML code.

However, this does not mean you stop innovating and focus only on creating templates with small file sizes. If you think that using a GIF, animation, or any other interactive feature will increase the conversion rate, feel free to use it in your emails. For example, Postmates has used an attractive GIF in their emails with an effective CTA. They did not follow the 80/20 rule, yet they were able to create an outstanding email template.

  • Stimulating call to action

Finally, you should enter a curiosity-inducing CTA button in your email templates. A well-designed CTA increases the chances of the reader clicking on it. The CTA should be precise yet compelling to make the user interact with it. To make the CTA button in your template stand out, make sure that it is in a different color as compared to the rest of the email. You can use white spaces around your CTA button to make it pop out more. Just ensure that it is clear to the readers what to expect when they click on the CTA button. 

This Trip Advisor email does it right with their CTA button placement. They have used the email content to make the customer aware of their product. They have used a precise CTA button to drive the conversion rates. Also, they have used a contrasting color in their CTA button.


Even if you use the above tips to create your email, it is prudent to use A/B testing to know what works for your customers. You can make the changes accordingly and create a template that is most suitable for your brand.

Author: Kevin George is the Head of Marketing at Email Uplers, one of the largest Email Templates production company which specializes in converting PSD to email templates. He loves gadgets, bikes, jazz, and breathes ‘email marketing’. He is a brand magician who loves to engage and share insights with fellow marketers.


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