Giving raises is a classic when it comes to making your staff more motivated and happier for work and becoming more productive. Statistics show that well-motivated workers are more productive and creative. These workers, especially with good performances, are less likely to quit. Some things, on the other hand, are completely free but inspiring for your employees. Things like honesty and appreciation are some of the best moral motives. Simple “thank you” is the shortest, but the most effective way to express your gratitude. However, sometimes this “thank you” can be delayed due to physical distance since most of the workers moved their offices home. Here are some pieces of advice on how to keep your home-based employees happy and motivated. 

Technical Support 

Working from home is tricky since you are exposed to numerous distractions, no direct communication with your fellow workers, and it results in less productivity. In order to increase the intrinsic motivation of employees, employers need to figure out ways for better connection among employees and enable them to work from home. One of the crucial segments is technical support. Viz. you need to equip your team with the tools that will help them handle the work, stay connected with one another, and be more productive. Old and slow computers are not an option since this will cause delays in work where your entire output can be late. Additionally, if there is no delay on the network and no problems with computers then the working environment will be less stressful for your workers. Using some communication channels for your workers like Slack will keep the working environment going. 

Make a Bigger Picture; Be a Leader, Not a Boss

Your task as the CEO of the company or the organization is to make your employees a part of a bigger picture and to make them feel, as they are, the key elements of the company’s sustainability. Apart from the psychological effect, this attitude will have on your workers, it is important to mention that this will result in better performance of the employees and make them seek progress and improvement. Their occupation and work are part of their life and the entire routine. Additionally, you must communicate with your employees and have frequent meetings on what is planned, on future projects, company happenings, individual and collective instructions, etc. It is crucial to be a leader of your company community and not boss around. It means that you are participating in the work of your company and not just tossing responsibility to the employees. 

Feedback: Transparency and Honesty 

Feedback is not only the way to identify the strongest segments of your company functioning, but also to understand and find the weak points, fields for improvement. Having honest and transparent feedback from your employees is the best way for your company to progress by listening to your employees, taking into consideration the suggestions, and putting into action all the necessary corrections. Transparent and honest communication with your employees will set your course a long way. 

Team Building: Happy Hour 

Team building is a key to success for your working environment. Non-work interactions are responsible for facilitating good relationships. Creating some time for your remote employees to talk about non-business topics like the latest news, hobbies, interests like they do in the office, is fantastic for stress relief and better team building. One of the ways to execute this is to leave a couple of minutes for people to catch up, before or after the conference, or to host a special meeting for your employees where you can have fun online and therefore build better connections among employees and strengthen the strings among them. 

Rewards and Benefits 

One of the best ways to keep your workers motivated is by rewards, whether weekly or monthly, in the form of bonuses. It is a classic way to make your employees more motivated. The good point about rewards is that you should not give huge rewards, but give them more frequently. Huge rewards, once in a while, wear out faster, but small bonuses, every few days or increased percentage on the salary will give your workers more motivation and will definitely feel more grateful. Benefits and promotions are the best way to keep your employees going. 

Happy employees create a happy working environment. The content of your employees directly reflects the performance of your company. Employees with a positive attitude have a better influence on their teammates and are the better inspirations for the entire team in general. 


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