VPN Uses You Might Not Know About

Virtual Private Network or VPN is new and an excellent tool for online security. One of its most important features is the tunnel your encrypted data travels through so you will remain secure and anonymous while on the internet.

Recently, there has been a growing interest in using VPNs as the first line of defense which is not surprising considering the current increase in surveillance and even more invasive regulations all around the world.

Internet users are now embracing VPNs for their many features. This amazing tool is excellent for streamers, travelers, shoppers, and just about everyone else who does not want to be tracked by strangers.

If you are not familiar with VPN, we are going to give you some valuable information about its many uses that are well beyond just security. We will go over several uses for VPN by providing exactly how this technology works in your favor. To help you out, try it for free – there is no obligation

Online Shopping Elsewhere

You are traveling abroad and want to purchase something from your favorite retailer online and have it delivered to your home when you get back.  When you try to go to their online site, you end up at its country of origin website.

Using your VPN Users Manuals server in your own country can give you access to the website. You can use your bank account or credit card to ship your order to your home.

Avoid ISP Tracking

ISPs are constantly tracking their subscribers which seems to be happening more often. They track data mostly targeting advertising which is more than enough reason to reach out for anonymity. Using a VPN installed on all your devices will fight back against the invasion of your privacy.

Your Home Network

Chances are, your main desktop computer is in your home with a huge amount of files and data for work or personal stuff. If you want access to your NAS to get all those files, you must keep this information secure and your best bet is to use a VPN. 

Public Wi-Fi Safely

There are so many places that are now offering free Wi-Fi including schools, hotels, airports, etc. You want to use wireless hotspots to check your email which requires a password to access sensitive data to be transmitted.

Routers use password and encryption protocols to keep traffic secure. Unfortunately, the same is not true with public wireless hotspots which are wide open to everyone and are either using a shared password or no password at all.

If you must use a Wi-Fi network, it’s a good idea to have a VPN to encrypt your traffic and if it’s intercepted, your data will be scrambled. You should try it for free before making any commitments. 

Gathering Privacy Info From A Website

There are literally tons of websites used to produce income. One of the most popular forms is generating revenue through advertisements. Unlike the ads you see on TV, internet advertisements are targeted directly at users and their IP addresses.

You’ve probably noticed if you search for something on Amazon, the next time you visit another website, you will see ads focusing on similar products you were looking for on Amazon. Use a VPN to keep your IP hidden and effectively avoid this kind of stuff.


While there is an increase in peer-to-peer downloads on the rise, while there are many used for illegal purposes but many are legal. One is open-source software such as LibreOffice which is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Office.


Also known as geo-restriction refers to internet content that is blocked based on a user’s location. An example would be a show from the UK that is blocked for those outside of there.  Having a VPN with servers located in another country might solve this problem. Consider these locations based on usage when choosing a VPN provider. 

Campus Connections

A campus can be a college or a large workplace, these organizations have a huge number of computer resources to benefit their employees or students. These places need to safeguard their data so any off-campus remote access is protected with a VPN.

Beating The Hackers

A firewall is located on your router and designed to keep malicious attackers off your home network. Hackers will find your network through your IP address. VPN connects you to a server off-site and assigns a different IP server and not your home network.

Using VoIP

There are certain governments around the world that are restraining the internet within their borders. The obvious reason is to deprive the freedom of speech and censorship of news and social media that are not state-controlled.

This covers VoIP services. Rather than letting people or visitors access to voice calling apps like WhatsApp and Skype, they are only allowed through state-owned services. Using a VPN and directing it to a server in another country should unblock the restriction.

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