Roku Not Going To Offer HBO Through Channel Store: Know Everything

Do you know? Back in the day, people used to stream the WarnerMedia service on their TVs and used to catch the latest episodes of the web series. Later on, it was decided that HBO Max is finally going to come on Roku. However, everything was going right but from the current information, it has been found that rokuhbo max will be no more available on the Roku store.

HBO is no longer available through the Roku Channel Store this is just because of an agreement with WarnerMedia. As a part of their HBO Max distribution deals, both of the companies Amazon and Apple agreed to the same provision. Whereas WarnerMedia wanted to keep viewers within its own app experience and was interested in collecting the first-party data. Probing further, because the price of hbomaxroku is $14.99/month, the same as the previous HBO standalone service. All of the people who have already subscribed to HBO via the Roku Channel will need to cancel their subscriptions before they get access to the HBO Max on their Roku devices. Hence, this is the most important thing that needs to be done.

If you are the one who is using the computer or laptop, you can easily visit and from there you can select “Manage your subscriptions,” and then click on the “HBO on The Roku Channel” for unsubscribing from rokuhbo max. It is very easy to cancel the subscription by selecting “Manage Subscription” and then “Cancel Subscription” on a Roku device. On Roku, you can search for the HBO Max app in their channel store and then can install it from the store. After that sign-up needs to be done and you can enjoy whatever you are interested in.

One of the most important things that Roku subscribers need to know is that all the people who are having subscriptions to hbo max on roku or to HBO Now will have a much easier time setting up their Roku devices. This is because these are the channels on Roku that can easily be accessed using your existing email and password. For getting access to the whole of the content that is available on the HBO Max app after you’ve subscribed, select “Access all of HBO Max” when you open the app. Therefore, for all of the Roku devices that are running OS 9.3 or later, HBO Max is available for streaming. Check it out today only, if interested.

How to get hbo max roku on your Roku devices?

For doing this, you will have to follow a few steps. All the steps that are necessary for having HBO Max on Roku devices are mentioned down. Check it out to know.

  • Begin by creating a Roku account before installing hbomax on roku. Then you need to click on the subscribe now option and the subscription costs around $14.99 per month. You can cancel it anytime you want.
  • Now, you need to sign up through the mobile app of HBO Max.
  • You will have to press the home button on your Roku remote control. Search for the channels.
  • In the search box type hbo max roku deal and then add the channel when it appears on your screen.
  • After the application gets installed click okay and press the home key. Therefore, now you can enjoy the application on your device.

Hence, this is all that you need to know about hbo max roku on Roku devices. To have more details comment.

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