The top marketers have website landing pages with a conversion rate double the average. So what makes these sites so special? Is it the fancy graphics? Is it a unique product?

The answer is far more straightforward. Good marketers know how to convert their audience because they are targeting the right people in the first place.

So how do you discover your perfect target audience? We’ll take you through some simple steps that are easy to implement and help you master the art of market targeting.

Profile Your Existing Customers

The best way you can target the right market is to look at what is driving your success at the moment. Who are your existing customers, and why are they attracted to your business?

Aim to create a demographic and behavioral profile of your existing customers. After you’ve done that, it will be easier to create a target customer for any future website marketing campaign.

Discover Trends

Good website market targeting focuses on what your business needs in the future and figuring out what has helped it succeed in the past. So your next step to targeting a market is to see what’s trending in your industry.

You can do that by using online tools. For example, try Google Trends and Pinterest Trends to see what products, services, or fashions your customers most frequently search for on these platforms

You can also use paid search tools like SEMrush and Buzzsumo, which will give you an insight into the most popular trends and talking points.

Research Keywords

Don’t forget to find out what your target customer is doing on Google. Google search terms are a rich source of information about targeting the right customers.

You’ll find helpful insights into customers, including what questions they ask and what information they need. It will help you create a content plan that aligns with your customer avatar.

Monitor Your Competitors

If you want to know what customers will help you grow your business, why not look at what your competitors are doing online?

Finding out what keywords your competitors target on Google, for example, can offer helpful information about the audience that you should focus on as potential customers.

For example, look at what backlinks are driving the most referrals to your competitor’s website.

Those websites will tell you more about where your ideal customer hangs out. That’s helpful when doing SEO or setting up a paid ads campaign.

Try Paid Search Ads

Finally, use PPC advertising to get a more in-depth profile of your target audience.

The reason paid ads are so helpful here is that when you start your campaign, the ad platform will tell you, via the ad dashboard, what type of visitors converts to the ads you have running.

You can find out more by reading this article on SEM best practices.

Master Market Targeting to Get More Customers

Market targeting is a critical step in your journey to growing your company. Getting the right people onto your website in the first place will make the next task of converting them to customers far easier to tackle.

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