10 YouTube Tech Channels You Should Subscribe To

With YouTube tech channels mushrooming, it can be tricky to know which ones do and which ones don’t deserve your subscription. After all, clicking the Subscribe button might cost you a precious device! To introduce you to some fantastic YT tech-related channels, we’ve created a list of the best 10 of them!

The Best Tech-Related YT Channels

Being technologically savvy and updated is something truly valuable in an era of electronic devices. YouTube tech channels are great for following the latest mobile trends and PC gear and potentially rewiring a broken headphone set. But which accounts are worth subscribing to? Read on to find out!

Austin Evans

If you want to expand your knowledge about different types of gadgets, you should check out the Austin Evans channel. The owner of this account debunks tech myths, compares products, and more in a humorous way! He also doesn’t promote any gadgets, which means that his reviews on trending devices are pretty unbiased!

Systweak Software

Systweak Software might not be the most subscribed channel in the world, but it’s the right place for those who need to fix their PCs. From discussions about everyday computer issues to a tech website, the creator of this channel will help you learn a lot! The channel’s review and comparison YT library is a nice touch as well!


CNET’s subscribers constantly enjoy the unboxing, reviews, and guide videos the channel offers. This channel is also the perfect YT nook for everyone who likes hearing about social issues or understanding how scenes from popular tech movies were made. The channel truly is a rare gem in the plethora of tech-related YT channels!

Jonathan Morrison

The main focus of Jonathan Morisson’s channel is mobile devices and everything related to them. He gives his audience great tips for using the best phones on the market while creating cool reviews about these electronics as well. Jonathan also talks about Apple products, making his channel the favorite of many Mac and MacBook lovers.

Linus Tech Tips

Experiencing an issue with your cellphone or a peripheral device? On the Linus Tech tips channel, you can find solutions to problems of this kind and more! The channel’s creator treats his subscribers with informational vids about different computer parts and has several other channels – Channel Super Fun, Techquickie, TechLinked, and ShortCircuit with something for all sorts of tech-curious folks!


Unique and interesting, Make: is the channel you should check out, especially if you’re a tech-savvy person who needs help with a do-it-yourself project. The channel features many DIY tech videos that are fun and educational! There are also technology news vids and reviews if you want to take a break from digging inside your PC!

Marques Brownlee

If you’re someone who always craves up-to-date tech information, you’ll like Marques Brownlee’s channel. His detailed reviews of hot, new products are packed with helpful info for everyone who’s about to hit a tech store! More than that, this channel features videos of interviews with famous people in the world of technology.

Tweak Library

Those who get excited by the sound of boxes opening will love Tweak Library! With tons of unboxing videos on its playlists, this channel is the go-to place for everyone interested in the latest tech products! But that’s not all! The channel also features reviews and repair videos, bringing fans the latest tech news!


TechSmartt is the famous creation of Keaton Keller, a well-known YouTuber, commentator, and reviewer. In his videos, Keaton shares cool tech tips, reviews products, and teaches technology enthusiasts how to use their own gadgets better. You definitely won’t find this type of info in your next gadget’s user manual! 

The Verge

Those who start their days by googling technology articles will quickly grow fond of The Verge. Managed by journalists who are always the fastest to share the latest tech news with their subscribers, this channel is a fantastic source of info! Check it out, and spoil yourself with up-to-date information about smartphones, computers, tablets, and more!

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