Reasons To Move to Oracle Cloud

It is a well-known fact that cloud technology is evolving at a fast pace with new capabilities getting on board. If you should move to the cloud is no longer a question. Instead, you should think about what cloud innovations suit your business the best. If you are thinking about Oracle migration to cloud but are not sure about it, here’s a look at some benefits that are worth considering:

  • On-premises infrastructure and next-generation cloud

Oracle has a next-generation cloud, which is built from the foundation of cloud infrastructure. It delivers an intelligent solution to support complex and demanding workloads. It also offers high-performance computing with the help of the latest generation hardware enabling maximum performance. It also offers real-time scalability for enterprise application workload owing to the combination of Oracle’s services and integrated security.

  • Autonomous Operations

Oracle’s cloud is built for running the world’s only autonomous database with the help of autonomous services, which improve the efficiency of data management for enhancing performance and security and lowering the cost. The Oracle database runs on Oracle cloud infrastructure while offering workload-optimized cloud services. With the autonomous database, the cloud manages tasks like configuring, scaling, provisioning, tuning, patching, as well as encryption of the database. The self-driving system helps in reducing manual tasks and errors while significantly increasing operational efficiency and system reliability.

  • Deployment option

You can deploy your cloud applications as well as databases on the public cloud or on-premises with Oracle cloud. In fact, it is the only cloud provider that can run public cloud infrastructure services like autonomous database, autonomous data guard, autonomous Linux, and Oracle fusion SaaS applications in the data center behind the firewall.

  • Optimize the Oracle workload

Oracle Cloud offers a unique set of features and tools that help in migrating and running Oracle’s databases as well as business apps in an efficient manner. Owing to the minimum changes needed, it reduces the cost and time for migration to the cloud. Oracle cloud infrastructure provides diverse services for migration and management of major Oracle apps like PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Oracle E-Business Suite, Siebel, and more. For autonomous databases, Oracle cloud optimizes transaction processing workloads. It also allows customers to connect with multiple data sources to support informed business decisions.

  • Price performance

Oracle cloud infrastructure offers high performance and lower cost along with easy cloud migration for the existing on-premises applications. Cloud offers a wide array of services with a guarantee of predictable performance and customer isolation. With flexible instances, you can create your solutions just the way you need them.

The above-mentioned reasons suggest why you must choose cloud Oracle migration services. Opkey can make your migration to Oracle cloud easier. In fact, beyond migration, Opkey can also help automate the testing for your Oracle cloud patch certificate cycles. If you need assistance with your Oracle cloud migration, Opkey is the right choice for you.

To ensure that your cloud migration is done within budget and timeline, you need an Oracle cloud migration strategy, and it is here that Opkey can help!

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