Some people believe that people dress up to impress others! On the other hand, a section of women asserts that they dress up for themselves. There can be a long-standing debate on this, and no one will reach a conclusion. Having said that, it’s 2022, and we have stepped into a phase where appearing fashionable doesn’t mean that you need to embrace set style trends. You can take your pick and customize it the way you want. Most importantly, you dress to feel good and happy, which in turn makes you appear stylish.

If you have read the latest style trends, you certainly have come across the term “dopamine dressing.” It means wearing clothes in a way that makes you happy. In other words, you allow your happiness to dictate your style choices. But for women who haven’t delved into this domain might find it challenging to think about how to dress to be happy. According to style experts, there are a few ways in which women can choose specific style hacks that will add to their happiness. Do you want to know how to go about it? If yes, the following pointers will help you:

  1. Choose colors that you love

One of the best ways to dress to feel happy is to opt-in for colors that make you feel happy. Usually, vibrant colors can help to elevate your mood. So, if you are feeling slightly dull and uninspired about life, you can wear colors like orange and fuchsia pink to feel happy. That aside, you might have a set of colors you love wearing to feel happy. It could be anything from mauve, peach, indigo, maroon, and even canary yellow. According to research, once you are wearing the shades and colors that you like, it automatically has a positive impact on you. It helps you to relax and feel good in the presence of the color. For instance, if you love white and mauve, you can select a mauve and white tie-and-dye top or tee along with a powder blue denim. Similarly, if you love to mix and match dark and pastel shades, you can use an orange jacket, shrug, or blazer along with black top and trousers to bring in clear contrast and also to feel happy.

  1. Select a hat that you like best

As kids, we used to love wearing hats. Most of us thought that it is a fun accessory. As we grew up, we started to think about whether the hat will look good on us or not. The brain started to think about multiple factors that made us conscious about wearing a hat. Other than that, today you have access to various kinds of hat and it might become challenging for you to decide which one you love best. However, if you are a style-conscious woman and would want to experiment with fashion, you can select the fedora hats for women. These hats look classy and trendy, and it enables a woman to look her best. That aside, you can also select from a wide range of available colors.

  1. Choose a make-up palette that flaunts your look

Every woman looks different and has varied make-up requirements. It means that not everyone will be comfortable in carrying a dark lip color. Similarly, not all women will look good with smokey eyes. Hence, it would help if you found a make-up palette that looks good on you. Here it would help if you considered your comfort factor as well. For instance, if you feel like dramatic eyes are what makes you happy, you should opt-in for that.

Similarly, if you prefer matte lips to glossy shades, you must choose it. At the same time, keep some space for experimenting. That way, you can try the make-up tactics that work for you. It will enable you to find your comfort zone in terms of make-up.

  1. Get your best bag and shoes

For a woman who loves to walk in style, selecting the shoe and bag that works in her favor is necessary. So, you need to check whether you love to carry a sling bag or a tote bag. It could be that a box clutch makes you happy. In that case, you need to select a box clutch over other bag choices. Choose the shoes that are comfortable, and you love. For many women, the apparent choice includes flats and wedges as it compliments most attires and are easy to wear.

These are some of the best style trends that you can wear to amplify your feel-good factor. The objective here is to stick to what you find appealing and comfortable. You can always take in others’ suggestions, but ensure that whether the attire and accessory you choose to contributes to your feeling of happiness.