Features That Make a B2B Ecommerce Platform Powerful

How does an ecommerce platform work? Is it a worthwhile platform for an online business? Many people think of retail web shops when they hear the word ecommerce being mentioned. The truth of the matter is that these platforms have many features to serve as an online fashion store, retail web shop, or health products app, for example.

However, they are effectively used by B2B companies such as manufacturers and producers who want to sell products directly to other businesses and organizations. To be successful, they need a B2B ecommerce platform that is designed to suit their needs. If you are in B2B and wondering about features that make a B2B ecommerce platform powerful, you are in the right place. Here they are.

Multi-Vendor Capabilities of a B2B Ecommerce Platform

A B2B ecommerce platform hosts many sellers either through a single platform or by integrating their web stores into one platform. Regardless, this software should enable sellers to have control of their product pages or websites so that they can edit as they wish. Apart from the efficiency, it is a priceless option to promote your products, and no vendor should miss it.

Wholesale Bulk Order Templates with a B2B Ecommerce Platform

Most of the customers will order in bulk. It is crucial for them to order through a form, and the B2B ecommerce platform should have a variety of templates for vendors to choose what they want their customers to use. These templates should also collect customer information to be used in the future such as buying preferences and customer data. Before getting a platform for your business, you should ensure it has detailed but user-friendly bulk order templates to use.

Restricted Access

Security is very crucial no matter which B2B ecommerce platform you choose. The simplest way to guarantee security is to have restricted access and controlled access to the platform and its resources. Fortunately, any ASP.NET B2B ecommerce platform takes access restrictions very seriously. Hence, the administrator or the user is the only one who can add team members and give them the necessary rights and permissions to use the platform resources. Virto Commerce is one of the B2B ecommerce platforms that takes access restriction seriously, and you should check it for more information.

Minimum Order Quantity

This is the lowest quantity a store can sell to its customers on each purchase of a product category. It should be clear to customers through a note beside the quantity checkbox. However, it could be a general guideline for completing an order regardless of the items you order from the store. A reputable B2B ecommerce platform should be in a position to provide to the stores.

Volume Purchase and Discounts

A B2B ecommerce platform sells to businesses and organizations that buy goods in bulk. Mostly, the goods are listed as pallets, packs, or cases, but sellers still need a way to offer discount tiers. Therefore, ecommerce software should facilitate such discounts in a manner that will entice customers to buy more. When looking for the best B2B ecommerce platform for your business, understand how this concept works to take advantage of its benefits.

Final Words

A great B2B ecommerce platform should have even more features than what we have discussed. Many of them are pretty obvious, especially secure payment, marketing, headless ecommerce, cloud solutions, and many others. Hence, take your time to confirm they are present and go the extra mile to confirm those that make the platform powerful.


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