Do you have IT needs and are you wondering if an IT consulting service would be the right person to contact? It is true that the term consultant deserves some clarification in order to verify that the professional you are about to contact can provide you with the right IT expertise. What does this job as a consultant consist of? Why hire IT consulting services? Focus on this profession which has a bright future ahead of it.

The growing development of new digital solutions increases the need for IT advice and user assistance. Some IT consulting services are described as one-stop shops to meet such needs. In this case, as its name suggests, your IT consulting services provider will be your main contact regarding the management, maintenance, optimization, and security of your information system. Here are some good reasons how IT consulting services help to grow up a business in the right way.

What is an IT consulting service?

External to the company that solicits him, an IT consultant is above all an expert in his field. Thus, an IT consultant is a specialist in the world of new computer technologies, ranging from computers to software, through networks or security.

However, an IT consultant usually has one or more areas of focus within this broad skill set. This allows it to provide cutting-edge decision-making, organizational or technical solutions to companies that have called on its services. You can therefore call on an IT consultant, software developer or web developer, SAP consultant, Data Specialist, Cloud Computing expert, system administrator, IT equipment technician, etc.

Because whatever the area of ​​expertise is requested, an IT consultant’s mission is to support his clients in their technological innovation projects or in their use of digital technologies. His mission? Optimize the IT tool so that its client can concentrate on its core business and improve performance.

How IT consulting services help to grow up a business in the right way

While it would be possible for some companies to hire an IT expert internally, many of them prefer to hire IT consultants. How to explain this trend?

The first reason is undoubtedly the shortage of IT profiles, which has increased in recent years in the face of the increased need for skills linked to the digital transition of most sectors of activity. Finding the rare pearl to manage your information system is therefore an obstacle course.

However, this situation is far from being the only motivation for IT managers. The point on the four real pluses that lead to calling on an IT consultant.

#1: Use expertise

As we have already mentioned, the IT sector has a wide range of specialties. Therefore, many missions require specific expertise. Especially since each sector of activity requires appropriate equipment, network architectures, or applications.

Thus, an industrial company may have an increased need for IoT specialists. This expertise will allow it to carry out its transformation in the era of industry 4.0, with the implementation of connected objects. Retail companies may want to integrate a dedicated SAP software package. An ideal tool to improve the customer experience and facilitate inventory management.

Whether freelance or employed by an IT consulting firm, an IT consultant brings extremely specialized skills. He keeps abreast of the latest technological advances and thus has state-of-the-art skills. He can thus carry out audits, deploy a computer park or set up the maintenance of increasingly complex computer systems.

This is what SMEs or large groups who call on IT consultants have understood. The experience acquired by an IT consultant through his numerous interventions in various companies on similar issues brings him unparalleled expertise, which makes him a source of proposals. His specialization and his experience allow him to carry out consulting missions.

#2: Fresh perspective and adaptability

An external consultant also brings a fresh perspective to the company, which allows him to offer often innovative solutions.

However, an IT consultant also has a highly valued quality: adaptability. Indeed, his habit of carrying out missions in various companies allows him to quickly understand the culture of the client company and to best meet its needs. A guarantee of profitability.

#3: Improving the system 

Whether he is an ERP consultant, IS consultant, database engineer, messaging, or network administrator, this IT expert is fully committed to the consulting mission entrusted to him.

It usually starts with an audit that assesses weak points and options for improving the system. But the services of a consultant generally continue with strategy consulting and IT project management. Based on specifications, he implements the most efficient solution to meet his client’s technological development needs.

#4: Flexibility

Are you lacking in-house IT skills? Asking an IT consultant allows you to carry out your development project, solve a technical problem, set up an ERP, or outsource at a lower cost.

Indeed, recruiting a consultant for a mission is more expensive in the short term than an employee, but this one-time hiring does not require the payment of social charges or severance pay once the mission is completed. Similarly, carrying out administrative procedures is minor, especially through the intermediary of an IT consulting firm.

Choose the right IT consulting services

As we can see, calling on an IT consultant has many advantages when it comes to the realization of an IT project. However, the difficulty of finding the right expert remains to be overcome, which sometimes turns out to be perilous with an independent consultant. Using the services of an IT consulting firm allows you to have the guarantee of a company that has carried out a pre-selection of profiles and which can, depending on your request, send you the right IT expert.

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Your IT consulting services, who know your mode of operation and your problems, will be able to deal with your request quickly. In this way, you free your business from IT constraints, allowing you to focus on your core business.