Cricket is a sport and religion to many fans all over the globe. If one decides to lean back comfortably in a taxi and enjoy a Mumbai tour, his eyes will sparkle upon one sight of kids playing cricket. There are many fans in India and every cricketing nation picking up bats and dreaming of becoming a Tendulkar, a Kohli, or a Herschel Gibbs, but not every dream comes true. As beautiful as the game plays, so is it to watch. India tops the world when it comes to cricket viewership. In the changing world, the fans now want to watch live cricket highlights instead of whole matches.

Sought-after Websites To Get Live Cricket Highlights With Ease

There are times, especially in this changing world, when people prefer to have a view on just the scorecard and not the coverage. Owing to time shortages, people prefer warm and fast updates instead of watching the full match coverage.

  1. ESPN Cricinfo

There are strong reasons why it is one of the most popular cricket websites in the market. ESPNCricinfo provides the most well-developed statistics. If you want to know the complete report of the matches played, let’s say at the Melbourne Cricket ground. Australia. The website offers format-wise results of fixtures played at every stadium.

The detailed ball-by-ball coverage, complete pre-match coverage, and well-analyzed post-match coverage are incredible. The website was launched in 1993 by Simon King and Badri Seshadri. Being a teacher and a researcher, They also received help from students and researchers at universities from different parts of the world. The website also features articles and blogs from cricket experts, including Sanjay Manjrekar and Ian Chappell.

  1. Cricbuzz

Best, crisp analysis is a USP of Cricbuzz. The home page of Cricbuzz and ESPNCricinfo are almost similar in structure. Cricbuzz was founded in 2004 by three musketeers Pankaj Chhaparwal, Piyush Agrawal, and Pravin Hegde. In November of 2014, Times group acquired a majority stake in Cricbuzz.

Later GoCricket, which was already a part of the Times group, was merged with Cricbuzz to create one of the largest cricket news platforms in the market.In later parts of 2016, Cricbuzzgot a new team member in Harsha Bhogle, one of the finest commentators of modern cricket, into a specially created program called ‘Voice of Cricket’.

Harsha Bhogle’s podcasts and videos primarily consisted of blogs, reviews of players, and team analysis apart from match previews. Later in 2017, Cricbuzz announced that Bhogle’s videos crossed a gigantic figure of 100 million views.

  1. Wisden

Probably one of the oldest and most unique cricket websites on the internet. The history of the website is a fairy tale. In the mid-nineteenth century, a very prominent cricketer named John Wisden.

Wisden had an idea that led him to market all his sports equipment and turn it into the publishing side of the sport. He produced the inaugural Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack in the early 1860s. Wisden was arguably the leading multi-sports equipment brand in England for a larger duration of the 20th century.

Even after years, Wisden continues to maintain its trust among the fans. Wisden’s cricketer’s Almanack is called the ‘Bible of Cricket’ in the court of public opinion. On the homepage, Wisden features a very detailed and disciplined context concerning cricket and its wide array of coverage.

There is a matching center where all the live cricket highlights are available. It also details the upcoming fixtures, the results, and all the other obligatory stuff required to fulfill your cricketing needs. Wisden has numerous stories eccentric to cricket and many podcasts and videos around cricket.

  1. Cricket365

As compared to the other websites, Cricket365 stands out for having the features of live coverage, features and event-wise special coverage (ex. Ashes, World Cup, IPL etc.) featuring a collection of articles and blogs by top writers in the game like Dave Tickner, Dan Liebke, John Nicolson, Will Ford and James Butler. They cover a wide range of cricket-centric topics, analyses and ongoing events.

  1. ICC Cricket

There is possibly anything more anyone could tell than what the name justifies themselves. It is the official website cum app of the International Cricket Council, the body of the cricket control authority covering all current international fixtures along with results, videos, ICC news, and rankings.

Arguably the most authentic and reliable website in terms of information on any cricket-related event. This is the best place for all cricket lovers hungry for all ICC developments and important announcements. A detailed schedule of all kinds of cricket tours, whether men’s or Women’s, is available first on the website.

  1. org

Enough of stats and fixtures for now! Let’s breathe in easily and pay a visit to what is popularly known as the “Lord’s” home of cricket. The place holds a special memory in every cricket fan’s heart in one way or another. For Indian fans, Ganguly’s jersey swing on the balcony of Lord’s is a timeless memory.

The iconic honors boards, the uncanny tradition of ringing the bell as a signal 5 minutes before the start of the play, and the history associated with it are available on its website. Also, you can learn more about the famous Lord’s Dining Club on their website. But one of the most beautiful things about the website is the iconic imagery of the legendary Lord’s stadium on the main page.

  1. CreedOn

CreedOn is a sports-rich content website that covers many sports along with cricket. The website hosts a wide array of athlete stories and biographies. It also includes all the latest happenings, live cricket highlights and the Indian sports ecosystem analysis. From expert blogs to articles involving well-detailed announcements and developments, the website provides you with earlier stages and the detailed history of sports and its developments.

  1. The SportsLite

The SportsLite is a newly founded website. SportsLite tends to contribute to the growth of sports in the community. It is an all-rounder web page consisting of cricket news, fantasy tips, the latest updates, and live cricket highlights.

The website also provides articles based on precise data, covering big cricketing tournaments, including IPL, T20 World Cup, and World Cricket, ODIs, and Test Crickets. If anybody wants to read about the recent developments in cricket, then The SportsLine is a very easy recommendation.

Wrapping Up

Cricket’s popularity cannot be doubted, even an ounce. But with the increasing workload on the common masses, it has become increasingly complex for the common folks to watch their favorite sport lately. With this in mind, many websites arose to provide top-notch highlights at everyone’s fingertips and on every device.

All these top-notch pieces of cricket news highly provided you with the essential details about various recent popular matches.

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