Trollishly’s Top 4 Superb Ways To Monetize Facebook Reels

Facebook, one of the timeless social media platforms, keeps evolving with the integration of advanced features. Recently, Facebook rolled out a new feature called ‘Reels,’ a short-form video platform similar to Instagram and TikTok.

Meta announced that eligible creators could make money from Facebook Reels. It’s really surprising, right? All you need to do is allow Facebook to place ads on your reel video and get paid in return. Creators can buy facebook reels views to reach a broader audience and increase the chance of monetization in a short time.

Are you striving hard to find the best ways to monetize your Facebook Reels videos? You’re not alone! Go through this article to grasp the different monetization ways followed by experts.

How To Turn Facebook Reels Into Revenue Generating Machine?

Nowadays, social media users show more interest in creating videos that engage them within a matter of seconds. Here are the ways to try as a Facebook creator and earn money from it.

#1 Earn From Facebook Ads

Generally, almost every digital platform enables monetization by placing ads in the creator’s content. In the same way, Facebook plans to launch a new technique, ‘Overlay ads,’ to place ads in two different ways; Banner ads and Sticker ads.

In order to monetize your Reel with Facebook ads, content creators should meet specific eligibility criteria. Also, not that this monetization option is available only in 50+ countries such as the United States, Mexico, Canada, etc.,

Eager to know whether your account is eligible for earning money by placing Facebook ads? The answer you need is here! Being a Facebook content creator, you should possess 10,000 followers. In addition, your video should have 6,00,000 minutes of views in the last 60 days. If your Facebook profile fulfills all these criteria, you are eligible to integrate ads into your Reels.

If your Facebook is eligible for showing off ads, the marketer’s ad will be shown in the sticker form on the top of your reels. On the other hand, banner ads are semi-transparent and may appear at the bottom of your Reels video.

According to the latest tech news, it is estimated that the revenue for adding overlay ads will be 45% for Facebook and 55% for content creators. So, are you interested in making more money from this monetization technique? Then, all you have to do is seek the support of Trollishly to strengthen your profile.

It is better to visit the ‘Meta Support Page’ as it provides all the necessary information that you want to know about Facebook Reels monetization. Then, thoroughly review them and finalize your account with the given eligibility requirements.

#2 Collect Stars To Avail Credits

Meta is working on a monetization option that helps creators to earn by collecting stars. Wondering how? Alright! Facebook will launch an exclusive opportunity to send stars to content creators while watching Facebook Reels videos. It is expected that Meta will provide one cent for one star. In this way, creators can receive credits by collecting all the stars from their viewers.

#3 Join Bonus Program

Are you capable of earning more views for your video content on Facebook? Then, the Bonus program available in Creator Studio is the right choice for you. This unique program from Meta applies to creators whose Reels gain at least 1000 views within 30 days.

Invitation-only program by Meta gives an opportunity for the creators to earn up to $ 30,000 per month by fulfilling the performance target set by the program. Are you worried about gaining minimum views on your Facebook reels? Try out Trollishly to reach more profiles and boost your video views instantly.

#4 Do Reel Challenges

Facebook has tested several ways to help creators monetize their content, and ‘Challenges’ is among them. It is one of the latest monetization methods that help content creators who consistently post original content on the Facebook Reels segment to avail bonus from Meta.

Content creators are supposed to participate in sequential challenges by following the rules and regulations mentioned. Once a challenge is completed, you need to begin the next to earn money up to $4000 every month.

The Bottom Line

Hope now you have a clear understanding of diverse ways to monetize Facebook Reels and set a unique income stream for you. Obviously, it is a double hit on a single stone for content creators as they can become famous through their content as well as make money at your convenience.

Recent research indicates that Facebook is about to invest $1 billion for placing ads and let conten creators gain revenue. Then, what are you waiting for? Buckle up to land on the trending Facebook Reels and do the further process in such a way that it brings money from different sides.

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