5 Things To Do If Your iPhone Gets Wet

If you’re an iPhone user, one of the features sported by your smartphone is water resistance. This feature allows your smartphone to be submerged in low-water levels for a few minutes. However, it’s crucial to understand that water resistance is not the same as waterproof. Hence, it’s safe to say that your iPhone and other smartphones from other manufacturers are not 100% safe from water exposure.

When your iPhone gets dispersed in saltwater or freshwater, there is a high chance that it could affect your phone’s performance. For instance, your audio speaker quality might be muffled, the phone may not turn on, or moisture could be trapped on your camera lens and screen. By anticipating these disasters, it’s best not to take risks and keep your iPhone dry always.

But if your iPhone gets wet, here are some helpful tips for going through the situation.

1. Rely On The iPhone Pros

If you’re not keen on assessing iPhone problems and damages, it’s best not to rely on your chance and immediately take your phone to professional repairers. You can try these guys to fix or salvage your iPhone after a few minutes to hours that it got dispersed in water. While your phone might look fine even after it falls into the water, chances are there might be damage happening on the inside.

Things can escalate quickly, and before it’s too late, it’s best to take your iPhone to a credible technician. They’ve previously handled several cases of wet iPhones, and they’re already well-versed in addressing such issues. If a wet iPhone does not turn on, they know how to dry and save it.

They will gladly perform a thorough and complete checkup to evaluate the situation of your device. Therefore, reach out to the most reliable phone technicians when things go downhill fast for your iPhone. It pays to research beforehand so you’ll know whom to call in such situations. After all, approaching the wrong technicians will only create more issues for your phone and cost you more money.

2. Dry Off Your Phone Calmly

Feeling panicked, worried, and anxious when your iPhone gets wet is natural. However, being in panic mode won’t alleviate the situation. Hence, it’s crucial to dry off your phone calmly and wish for the best. Most iPhone models can withstand water splashes, from heavy rains to spills at the dinner table. In such situations, you should act quickly and wipe off the wet parts immediately.

If you want to remove moisture from the charging port, use a soft microfiber cloth, particularly the corners where droplets are more challenging to remove. The iPhone has some nooks that are harder to reach, so try to use a dry towel and do your best to wipe the moisture off.

3. Don’t Use A Hair Dryer

Another common mistake that people make is to use a hair dryer on their tech gadgets. It may be possible to dry exterior liquids with a hairdryer, but you are unlikely to eliminate the water trapped inside the device. If anything, doing this and forcing you to dry up your phone with the hair dryer will only cause more liquid condensation, creating more internal damage to the phone.

Another thing to avoid is to leave out your phone to dry on a radiator. It is not the right method for drying your iPhone at all. If you’ve run out of ideas, it would be best to let professionals dry your phone their way.

4. Don’t Charge It Yet

Do not charge your iPhone until it is completely dry if it has been exposed to any liquid. It’s expected that charging a wet iPhone will only create more complications internally. Even after drying your phone completely, leaving it unplugged from the charger is still wise. You’ll only be able to start charging the device after some days when the internal moisture has finally dried up. When you try to force your iPhone to charge, there will be a warning notification that broadcasts when moisture is detected. In such an event, it’s best to unplug right away. The best recommendation is to wait 48 hours until the iPhone is completely dried before charging again. When you charge through wireless technology, it’s similarly vital to ensure that your phone is dry before placing it on the charging mat.

5. Remove Moisture From The Speakers

Unfortunately, the speakers of your iPhone come with very tiny holes, which means water or any liquid can easily penetrate through them. When your gadget gets wet, it’s good practice to lay your iPhone on a lint-free cloth with the speaker down. The performance of the speaker or microphone may be compromised until the water has evaporated from the port. Therefore, do your best to dry this part quickly and efficiently.

If moisture remains trapped inside, you can distinguish that your iPhone’s speaker is not working as it usually does. There might be a muffled audio sound, or the quality might not be the same as before. It means the liquids trapped inside haven’t evaporated yet. You can leave this issue to the repairers so they can remove the moisture inside quickly.


Depending on the condition of your iPhone, there are some cases where your iPhone will still be in perfect condition despite being dispersed in bodies of water. Apple is well-versed in designing its water resistance features compared to other smartphones. And this is one consideration people make when finding a new smartphone. Hence, your iPhone will likely survive even when they get wet. However, it’s crucial to follow the tips above to ensure that your iPhone works all the time perfectly.

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